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As if in 2022 we need one more bad news. The fifth unsinkable fifth wave of Govt-19 tulum cabochons tarnishing Quebec’s international reputation and our reputation District 31 After 720 episodes in six full seasons, it is hailed as closing its police station on April 21st at 7pm.

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So there are only 58 chapters before the 31st Return Badges and Weapons Investigators. Yes, it was shocking. Because no one could have predicted that this famous soap opera that marked the history of television here would disappear at the height of its glory.

Think about it. District 31 It has attracted 1.6 million viewers, from Monday to Thursday, for six years, at a time when the digital offer is exploding. This is a great achievement that no screenwriter can achieve so quickly. Chapeau, Luc Dionne, for creating, feeding, and implementing a project that turned into a social event.

In the last two years, District 31 It is a reward for many spectators who have fought through the epidemic – and is a solid anchor. The virus has destroyed everything except our usual identities District 31, A source of comfort and entertainment that alleviates many worries.

After this endless writing marathon, writer Luke Dion, 61, is “very tired” of being burned “in a place where there is no light at the end of a long tunnel”. His body no longer followed. His knee hurts and is hard to walk. He has been late in delivering his speeches, which is an enormous task that consumes his entire time, both personally and professionally.

Luke Dion arrives at a place where he has the feeling of being told over and over again. The triangle of cell phones, two cameras, one here, the other there, studying the rights of the defendants, the problems of Commander Siason (Gilder Roy), the talented screenwriter did not want to last even a year long.

“It’s better to stop when there’s still time.” Luke Dione explained via video conference on Tuesday afternoon that I had come to the conclusion of what I wanted to say in this format.

The disappearance of filmmaker Jean-Marc Valley, 58, who died suddenly on Christmas Day, has also shaken Luke Dion. A fatal blow to him. “It’s fun to want to tell the story of life, but you can tell it, you have to live it,” explains Legion, but instead Jen decides to draw a line. District 31, D31 to close friends.

There is no further question about missing important moments like the birthday of his wife Annie Lettorno, which ensures the continuity and harmony of the maneuvers. District 31.

And square Party At a party at L’Isle-aux-Coudres last summer, Luc Dionne had to skip writing the death of Stéphane Pouliot (Sébastien Delorme). “At 61, it’s time to think about the people around me,” he says.

Etios’ Luke Dion and producers Fabian Loroch and Michael Trudeau went to the set on Tuesday afternoon. District 31, In Saint-Hubert, to announce the team’s disconnection. It was 2pm at the end of the dinner break. Luc Dionne was crying and I was told I could not pronounce the words of destiny. He was lovingly praised for good reason.

Many fans of Luke Dion will not be tired for a long time. The author creates the annual series DBCP (Thus, 24 one-hour episodes per year for Radio-Canada) will air in September 2023. According to my information, DBCP Has no connection with District 31. So this is not a “spin off” for lawyers Sonia Blanchard (Pascal Montpett) or Kim Lalande (Genevieve Bowen-Rousseau).

Producer Fabian Lauroch knows one or two things about writing daily newspapers (கன்னிப்பெண், 30 matches), Greeted by his keyboard maestro colleague. “Luke did an incredible, amazing job. He was brave and diligent. It’s a big pressure. It’s hard physically and mentally. I thought we were going to do four seasons. District 31. We finished doing six, ”he recalled.

Radio-Canada Photo

Commander Siason, played by Gilder Roy

It looks like the owners of the old tower did not realize the catastrophe that reflected the death of their primary soap. True religion, District 31 A powerful engine for the entire radio-Canada evening schedule. Domestically, we even talk about the effect District 31, Which improves the ratings of the following programs. Great loss to Ground Corporation’s advertising revenue, public retention and self-declaration as number one.

According to Radio-Canada TV Director General Danny Meloul, the daily series at 7pm has always been around for the past 26 years, with new ones coming in the fall, for sure. One can only imagine that it was the Etios company that produced it கன்னிப்பெண், 30 matches, Conflict And District 31, Who will receive this dangerous order.

Because creating a daily soap opera in such a short time is the biggest challenge. The idea of ​​delivering a product by the end of August is to find teachers, available cast, and technical team to warm up the engine.

With announced results District 31, Sleepless night, Another story And For life, Promises that next season will be tough for Radio-Canada, which misses many busy encounters.

Do not forget that TVA has begun production of its own daily TV series Insecure And with none other than Sebastien Dlorom, he must now well digest his Poupou’s horrible death. Insecure Broadcast in September. Shooting begins at the end of February.

District 31 It has reached all generations with its lovely characters and efficient combination of office teasing and complex inquiries. No matter how much misery befalls the police officers, we will surely lose the comrades who ruled at that station.

To get a favorite quote from author Luke Dion: Thanks to my boyfriend for all these great stories, are you in charge of the chicken to spread the bad news better?

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