Rodrigo 'Catto' broke his silence after the Ambe of Melbourne Paradise in Cuba and gave an interview. [VIDEO] |  Anthony Aranda |  League 1 |  Peru |  பெ |  NCZD EMCC |  Football-Peruvian

With cries of consolation, Rodrigo Cuba celebrated his 3-1 victory over Huanuquino against Allianza University this afternoon, as he stretched out his arms towards the sky. The success of allowing ‘poets’ the first option to take place at the Copa Libertadores 2022.

After Ambe starring his wife Melissa Paradise With Dancer Anthony Aranda, The ‘Cat’ Cuba He did not communicate with the press. The reasons are understandable, but today he broke his silence after his team’s victory.

“Thank God, we gave what we wanted, it was to win the game and add three, because we needed it for the goals we set for ourselves and thank God, I was able to contribute with a goal and with the page that helped finish. In a criminal,” he said in an interview with Cuba ‘Teleteports’.

“It’s time to win an important game like this because other competitors haven’t given us a chance. The goal today is to be in third place,” the Vallejo player said.

Birthday gift

Asked the journalist at another point in the speech Rodrigo Cuba To whom he dedicated his goal. “First I dedicated it to myself. I dedicated it to my daughter, my parents, God, and above all God, and above all I seek it because I seek it.” ‘Cat’.

Tomorrow is the birthday of the daughter who holds Cuba with Melissa Parades. “It was a beautiful gift for my daughter, it was an important moment, thank God it was given at an important moment,” he said.

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