March 31, 2023


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The actress is vocal about inappropriate comments on her chest

The actress is vocal about inappropriate comments on her chest

Listen, I know wearing this amazing Valentino dress can’t help but get comments. Be it negative or positive, we know what we are doing.

I can’t wait to wear it and I’m not nervous. I wasn’t before and I’m not now.

What is interesting to see is how easily men destroy a woman’s body in public, proudly, in front of everyone. Do you do this in your bio and even in your work emails?

It’s not the first time a woman has been told what’s wrong with her body by a group of strangers, and it certainly won’t be the last time, and it’s disturbing how rude some men are. Fortunately, I embrace the nuances of my body that make me who I am. I love all my “flaws” that I hated looking in the mirror at 14.

Many of you wanted to aggressively tell me how disappointed you were with my “small breasts” or how ashamed I should be for looking like an “ironing board.” I lived in my body for a long time. I know the size of my chest very well and I am not afraid of it. […]

Grow up. Respect people. Respect bodies. Respect all women. Respect people. Life will get a lot easier, I promise. And because of two cute little nipples… »

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