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Life is after working at the most famous police station in the history of television. Waiting for some important features here District 31When the series is over.

Released at 12:00 p.m.

Mark-Andre Lemieux

Mark-Andre Lemieux

Luc Dionne (author)

Luc Dionne may have finished writing District 31 In early March, he was not yet fully “taken”. However, in an interview, the author reveals that he has discovered the natural rhythm of life free from the stress of having to deliver episodes each week. Details surrounding his plan for a series of 24 episodes per year entitled DBCP (To the Director of Criminal and Penal Cases), Be confidential. In a few months he will actually be immersed in it. “I’m going to start in September after Labor Day. I know good actors. I know where I’m going.”

Vincent-Guilmot Odyssey (Patrick Bisonett)

Photo by Marco Campanosi, The Press

Vincent-Guillo Odysseus

Starring Vincent-Guillome Odysseus NorborgA thriller about the Vincent Lacroix affair that hits theaters on Friday. In September, he will return to the theater in the soon-to-be-announced play. He admires the “very poetic and very sweet” film project. “I have a lot of opportunities, but I want to take my time,” says the actor. My batteries need to be recharged to last longer. The last six years have been very intense for me. I just did not District 31. I made a product, I made a movie, I have three small children, one of whom is an age District ! ⁇

Michael Charrett (Bruno Cogne)

Photo by Martin Tremble, Law Press Archives

Michael Charett

Michel Charette’s table is very busy. In the summer, the actor signed – with Franசois Sen. – theatrical debut, which will be presented at the Theater des Hirondelles in Saint-Mathieu-de-Belœil (Saint-Mathieu-de-Belœil).In the company) From June 20, he will be hosting a return show on Rouge FM with Jessica Parker on weekdays from 4pm to 6pm. After that he will film the second season HappinessWill return to The real world? Michael Trembley (European tour also planned) will produce the first comedy show with ComediHa! We look forward to 2024 and will continue to write – with Fran பிரான்ois Sen. – the series for Bell Media. “I have a lot of plans, but everything fits together. Conclusion DistrictFor me, this is an opportunity to do my business 100%. It’s really vibrant! ⁇

Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau (producers)

Photo by Eduard Plant-Fresset, La Press Archives

Producer Fabienne Larouche

The pair are pursuing several projects, including three sequels: Happiness, Without meeting And Reasonable doubt. On the new page, you can specify the diary to be changed District 31, Medical series starring Susan Clement. We can also talk about a psychological thriller in six chapters titled Eyes closed Extra from ICI with Magalie Lépine-Blondeau. Filming is set to begin in early May. Finally, let’s point out With a beating heartThis series is derived from Danielle Trottier For lifeIt will unfold around the role of psychologist Christophe L’Allier, who is defended by Roy DuPont.

Catherine Saint-Laurent (Nolly Saint-Hiller)

Photo by Phranois Roy, The Press

Catherine Saint-Laurent

The actress will soon return to film collections, her company confirms, but for now that is all she can reveal. In an interview, the actress mentions that after four years of job stability, she has quietly regained her status as a freelancer. “It simply came to our notice then. Before District, I always lived without knowing what my next project would be. I’m still happy to reconnect everything. ⁇

Frederick Clutier (Jerome Lange)

Photo by Martin Tremble, The Press

Frederick Clutier

The actor, one of the few who participates District 31 From the beginning, he has been giving voice to various projects like advertisements. As a father, he plans to do three marathons in the summer and one triathlon at Lock-McConaughey. Finally, he wants to get into roles with more time. “After six years of daily life, I am once again becoming a freelancer. I am very lucky District, But again auditioning, I’m very excited about the idea of ​​chasing other types of characters. For six years I have been given judges, lawyers, serious characters. Acting as villains and acting in composer roles can be fun. ⁇

Cynthia Wu-Mahix (Da-Xia Bernard)

Photo by Phranois Roy, The Press

Cynthia Wu-Mahex

Currently playing Assorted secret, He reveals that AddictTV’s new spy series is set to premiere at the Theater D’Azordhoi next winter. In 2023, he will also share the star Dreamer in the bath, Based on the original text and production by Hugo Belonger, which will be presented at the Theatre du Novio Monte. Will he start a new daily series? “Maybe not right now,” she replies. I need to get some rest. Find another rhythm. ⁇

Daniel Methot (Director)

Photo by Alain Roberz, La Press Archives

During the filming of the first season with director Daniel Method with Fabian Loroch District 31In 2016

Director-Coordinator District 31 As Marie-Andrée Labbé wrote the daily news for Radio-Canada, there was not much time to mourn the end of the police drama.Too much, Without meetingProduced by Etios and A Media (Friends, Discussions with my parents) And starring Susan Clement. Pre-production meetings are already in full swing. We discuss the choice of sets, costumes, cast, etc. “We’re so excited,” he says. Is very exciting. We use everything we buy District To go further. We want to change the display invoice. We are going somewhere else. ⁇

Gilder Roydaniel Siason

Photo from Facebook page District 31

Gilder Roy played Commander Siasan for the duration of the series.

He will host the actor and singer from one newspaper to another Tower Next fall on TVA. He will succeed Patrick Howard, who has been in control of the talk show since September 2020. He wants to resume his music career that had been suspended for many years. At the party marking the end of filming District 31Last month, Gilder Roy surprised his partners with responsibility Move it up Hank Williams, George Thoroughbred & The Destroyers Edition, with Mark Fornier (Yves Jacob). “This is a good gang, a good gang.”

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