Road workers sold towed cars.  The historic record has been broken

Highest amount offered – for Opel Movano – It amounted to 37.5 thousand zlotys. The most popular car was the Dacia Duster, which attracted as many as 71 buyers. A private person offered more than PLN 2,400 for a Chrysler marked with flowers. Zloty.

Sixth auction

This is the sixth time the road workers have offered for sale vehicles unwanted by their previous owners. For the first time in the fall of 2021, 8 such cars went up for sale, 7 of which found new owners, the amount they received for them was PLN 92,000. 700 Polish zloty.

In 2022, a total of 57 cars were put up for sale through the tender procedure. 45 found new owners for the amount of PLN 364.6 thousand. Zloty. ZDM explained that this amount is large and is sufficient to renew about 300 meters of the road.

In March 2023, another measure was announced. The list included 77 cars, 4 of which were displayed again, in addition to a motorcycle. Eventually, 59 cars and one motorcycle found their new owners. All of them have already been received. Thanks to this, the city coffers received more than PLN 400,000. Zloty.

In the fifth tender, 31 vehicles were sold for approximately PLN 236,000. Zloty. It was also a measure that, after its completion, managed to exceed the barrier of one million zlotys obtained from sales.

Register interest

Now, in the sixth tender, 48 cars have gone under the hammer, with 1,091 bids received. “It turned out that 1,083 of them were submitted correctly. 47 vehicles received at least one correct bid. The car with the highest offer is the Opel Movano delivery van – 37.5 thousand PLN. Zloty.

Dacia Duster aroused the greatest interest – up to 71 people were ready to buy it. In the end, the car can be sold for more than PLN 12,100. Zloty.

“We have now notified the bidders who submitted the most advantageous offers about additional measures. If all the vehicles finally go to new buyers, the city budget will gain about PLN 326,000.” – ZDM reported.

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