Pension payment schedule from March 2023. We have calculated what your entitlement will definitely be after the changes [11.12.2022 r.]

The budget includes index funds for pensions in March 2023. Pension and disability benefits are also scheduled to be indexed from March 1, 2023 with the benchmark at the level of 113.8 percent. This indicator is already confirmed and certainly will not be lower. Who knows if the valuation will not be higher.

With almost one hundred percent certainty, the minimum pension will increase from March 2023 to more than PLN 1,500. This certainty comes from the criteria laid out in the 2023 Budget Law, a draft of which has already been approved by the government. Assumes ia bind pensions from March 1, 2023 at 13.8 per cent and guarantee funds to increase benefits and a 13th old age pension. The money for the 14th would be too, but first a law would have to be passed guaranteeing such an added benefit.

Pensions are always indexed in March. This is the average annual price index for consumer goods and services in the previous year, and it increased by at least 20 percent. A real increase in the average salary in the previous year. Each retiree will receive a decision from the ZUS on the new amount of his benefit. What does the index level of 113.8 percent mean for individual pensions? See the gallery below.

The tax refund for pensioners will be the result of a semi-annual tax rate of 17%. tax rate. As of July 1, this value is lower and amounts to 12 percent. Interestingly, however, it is applied retroactively from… January 1, 2022.

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