RMF FM is the leader.  Three with the largest increase, PR1 too

to share rmv fm In terms of listening from September to November 2022 in the 15-75 age group it was 30.3 percent. – The results of the last wave of the Radio Track Kantar Polska poll, developed by the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the station’s share decreased by 0.3 percentage points. percent

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He was in second place Zeit Radio with a share of 13.1 percent. (The share of this station decreased compared to the September-November 2021 wave by 0.7 percentage points – the largest percentage in the ranking).

The last podium place is finished by the grid aska. Its market share was 7.6 percent. (by 0.3 percentage points).

TOK FM and the top three

She was right on the podium One. The share of stations increased by 0.5 p. percentage up to 5 percent Auditorium 17 dropped from fourth to fifth place (up 0.3 percentage point, to 4.8 percent).

It was the sixth TOK FMwhich rose from eighth place. The terminal score increased by 0.6 points. Percentage up to 3.5 percent participation. TOK FM can boast the biggest ranking increase – ex aequo with TroikaIts result rose to 2.2 percent. (Promotion from twelfth to eleventh position).

Data on the radio market in the past year.

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