Ridley Scott watched the new version of the movie “Alien”.  He is pleased

“Everyone warned me that Ridley is very harsh in his opinions, especially when someone takes his films. He was that way about Blade Runner 2049, which I consider a masterpiece, but he had a problem with it. It was difficult.” For him because it was a sequel to his movie “Blade Runner”. I asked him about the new “Top Gun” movie and he just smiled. I asked him what he meant. He replied that his brother Tony’s film was original, and there was “no need to talk about a sequel. He tried to respect them, but it was clear that it was difficult for him. So I thought I had no chance in my film,” Fede Alvarez said in a conversation with Guillermo Del Toro on the channel on the occasion of the event DGA Latino Summit 2023.

“Alien: Romulus”: A new “Alien” is fast approaching

Despite these concerns, Alvarez decided to show Scott his version of “Alien.” He wanted the master to see his film first, he says. “I wanted to talk to him in person. Even if he thought I had ruined his legacy. I didn’t want to receive an email that started with: ‘Ridley thinks…’ So he looked at the finished material, walked into the room and said: ‘Ved, what can I say?’ The movie is amazing!”. For me it was very important. My family knows that one of the best moments in my life was the fact that a gentleman like Ridley watched me but something like “We then talked for an hour about the things he liked. One of the greatest compliments for me as the film’s screenwriter was when he commented on the film’s dialogues and called them great,” says Alvarez.

“Alien: Romulus” will be the first film in the series since Disney acquired Fox. The previous two parts of the series directed by Scott – “Prometheus” in 2012 and “Alien: Covenant” in 2017 – enjoyed moderate popularity among viewers.

Isabella Merced stars in the new “Alien” movie

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