Ridley Scott is preparing a new “Alien” movie.  You won’t see it in movie theaters
The alien universe has grown significantly recently. And this is not over yet. As Daniel Richtman reports, Ridley Scott has another project in the works. Unfortunately (fortunately?) this is not a movie.

Ridley Scott and the Aliens – what lies ahead?

If we are to believe Richtman, Ridley Scott is planning to produce a series set in the alien world. This is not the first project of this kind. Noah Hawley is preparing his series in this universe for next year. Scott is its producer. However, Richtman claims that Scott will be more involved in the new project.

Unfortunately, Daniel Richtman did not provide any details about the project. Ridley Scott’s last series in which he was more than just a producer is still Raised by Wolves, although Apple’s Sinking Spring action series is also in the works.

Meanwhile, the series “alien”, which Noah Hawley is working on, will likely premiere on FX (and Hulu) early next year. His final title has not been announced yet.

We know it will be a prequel to the movie series. The series takes place at the end of the twenty-first century. One of the stars is Timothy Olyphant, who played a robot named Kirsch, mentor and mentor to Wendy (Sydney Chandler), the series’ main character.

It will be coming to cinemas soon “Alien: Romulus”Its events take place between the first and second films.

Teaser for the movie “Alien: Romulus”

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