Teenage Patrick Vega on "5-10-15"!  antique recording

“Oops… I got a role in Patryk Vega… You’ll see Tysio in the latest movie!” – Marcin Tishka He obliquely started his last Instagram post. Pervertedly, because in this production, yes, Tyszka appears, but he is played by an actor. in the movie “hidden war” Because there is a scene that revisits Patrick Vega In the studio “5-10-15”, where he answers questions posed by Tyszka.

On this occasion, the star known today as a Top Model juror and fashion photographer has published his original interview with the future director of blockbuster films. “Patrick has just been entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest author of professional computer graphics. Congratulations!” – With these words Tyszka Patrick introduced the audience “5-10-15”. Vega, who was still called Krzymeniecki, was the lead in this program. It is significant that he compared making computer animation with directing films … After all, he later developed a lot in the latter field.

Patrick Vega also posted a clip on his Instagram where parts of the original interview and the “movie” interview were mixed together. “Look what I was doing in ‘5.10.15’. Did you change a lot?” – wrote the director, who in his teens had thick black hair.

In the case of “Invisible War”, Vega is not only a director, but also a screenwriter. However, he did not play the main role. This was entrusted to Rafai Zawerosa.

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