ZUS: Better on a pension.  Delegate contract is still better to earn extra money [renta rodzinna]

More specifically, ZUS indicated two limits: a total of PLN 5,703.20 and PLN 10,591.60. And two dates, because from 1 June to 31 August 2024, pupils and students receiving survivors’ pension from ZUS can earn more (by working during holidays) and supplement their benefits. Failure to comply with this limit will result in:

  • Reducing his or her benefit
  • comment.

In general, you can earn about PLN 400 more than before.

Important: Working under civil contracts (self-employment contracts) is more beneficial than an employment contract (see end of article).

ZUS: You can earn approximately 425 additional Polish zlotys (without a penny)

The author of this reminder is ZUS spokesman Paweł Żebrowski:

“Many young people work while studying or during the summer holidays. They also include pupils and students receiving survivor’s pension from ZUS, who must take care of their additional income so that their benefits are not reduced or suspended. As of June 1, the income limits have increased. Therefore, Young people who receive a survivor’s pension from ZUS can earn more for themselves.

ZUS: What are the rules for a survivor’s pension?

Article 1. The upper limit for safe overtime is PLN 5,703.20 gross (70 percent of the average monthly salary). Additional monthly income of this amount will not reduce the survivor’s pension paid by ZUS. The benefit may be stopped if the increase exceeds 130%. Average salary, i.e. PLN 10,591.60 in total.

Rule 2. If the income is higher than the total of PLN 5,703.20 but lower than the total of PLN 10,591.60, ZUS maybe – Reducing the benefit paid by the amount of the increase, provided that it does not exceed the amount of the maximum reduction. In the case of a survivor’s pension for a single person, the amount is PLN 757.08.

If there are more people entitled to a survivor’s pension, the portion of the benefit due to the person who receives additional income only because the income thresholds are exceeded will be reduced or suspended.

The reduction or suspension of survivor’s pension by the ZUS is primarily affected by income from work or other activities subject to compulsory social insurance, for example from an employment contract, a contract of authorization or a specific employment contract concluded with the employer.

Authorization contract and employment contract to obtain the pension

Zeus: Important. The exception is the authorization contract concluded with a pupil or student up to the age of 26, which does not create an obligation to pay social security and health insurance contributions. This means that the income derived from this contract is generally not included in the income limit that determines the reduction or suspension of the survivor’s pension. The income will be significant if the student executes an authorization contract for a company in which he also works as an employee.

The limit is not only for students and pupils

Includes people in early retirement or disability. This is the maximum for people who have not reached retirement age. After reaching the age of 60 – a woman and 65 – a man, he can earn additional money without any limits (with a few exceptions).

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