Revolutionary change!  No more crowds at the plane entrance

Scrambles on board when boarding (but also when getting off) are a common problem. When dozens of passengers congregate in narrow aisles, traffic jams often occur and seating takes longer. UA’s line analyzes show that Since 2019, boarding time has increased by up to two minutes. A special system is intended to shorten them.

Well-known airlines offer a special system when boarding the plane

United Airlines wants to deliver Wilma procedure (The noun is created from the combination of word particles window, middle seat, island, i.e. window, middle place, corridor).

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The new procedure will mean that passengers will board in a fixed order. Once there are special people on board, i.e. persons with disabilities, soldiers, families with young children up to two years of age, children traveling without adult supervision and all business class passengers, Those with reserved window seats will board first. Later, this will be made available to all people who will be seated inside, and eventually only to those with reserved aisle seats.

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Boarding will be completely different. Enters Wilma’s system

Airlines indicate this This method has already been tested on five in the past Airports It turned out to be successful. They hope that implementing it on all of the carrier’s flights will shorten boarding time by two minutes and will no longer cause fights among passengers, which often make them nervous.

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