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Coal, fuel and pellets prices Wednesday 27.07.2020 Coal will be released on the stock exchange and does not stop


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Russian Invasion of Ukraine It started on February 24. Even before the outbreak of the war in January until mid-February 2022. coal prices Mentioned in ARA stayed well below $200/ton. Western response to aggression Putin’s forces Sanctions that harm, among other things, Russian imports coal. Obviously, this affected the price of this raw material.

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Coal shortage in the market will cause electricity prices to rise even more?

Coal prices – Wednesday 27/7/2022 How much does coal cost?

At the beginning of March, the price of coal at the European ports of ARA (Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Antwerp) clearly exceeded the level of 400 dollar per ton. True, the price fell already in the middle of the month, but it is still far from the levels that were before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. According to the current price index, on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, $347.65 per ton of coal is scheduled to be provided at ARA ports. That’s $23.65 more than yesterday. in converting to Polish currency – At the current rate – 1629.35 PLN per 1000 kg of coal.

Coal prices in Poland. It is cheaper than PGG, but the raw materials are practically unavailable

You can buy charcoal from the online store Polska Groupa Guernica. However, the online store is experiencing a real siege. The product is restocked on the Store Shelf on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm and is available while stocks last.

on the page PGG The price of coal varies from PLN 710.94 to PLN 1045 for 750-1000 kg. The cheapest of them are Orzech Sośnica and Groszek Sośnica (PLN 710.94 per ton), and the most expensive – Pieklorz Environmental pea charcoal – Its cost is 1045 PLN per ton.

Help Ukraine, join the group. You deposit money in Website

Coal prices in Poland. carbon additives

July 22 sigm A law was adopted to regulate this issue carbon additives. It stipulates that people who are entitled to the benefit will receive an allowance in the amount of PLN 3,000. But in practice, the money will not have to be spent on coal. The spokesperson confirmed The Ministry of Environmentcriticized by experts. “It’s called a carbon allowance, but for me it is a social allowance,” Dawid Czopek said in an interview with

money They have to support families because of the necessity to buy coal at higher prices. The allowance will be given to families who have indicated that solid fuels are the main source of heating. It is a traditional coal stove, but also, for example, a goat, fireplace or air heater. The government is not considering introducing an income criterion. The prerequisite for obtaining a carbon supplement is to have an entry or report on the source heating to the Central Register of Building Emissions.

More information from the country and the world at Home page of

Fuel Prices – Wednesday 27/07/2022 What is the cost of fuel?

According to data from . website Average fuel prices in Poland:

  • PB95 – 7.24 PLN;
  • PB98 – 7.81 PLN;
  • running – 7.49 zlotys;
  • ON + – PLN 7.71;
  • LPG – 3.30 PLN.

Fuel prices remained virtually unchanged between Tuesday and Wednesday. PB98 became cheaper by two cents, and the price of autonomous gas rose by a penny. The remaining fuels (PB95, ON, ON +) cost on average the same as yesterday.

PKN Orlenlotus and BP Offer a discount on fuelIt is valid until the end of the leave. Each participant in the promotion can receive a discount of 0.30 PLN per liter of gasoline or diesel fuel for three refueling up to 50 liters per month. Thus, every month you will be able to purchase a total of 150 liters of fuel for sale. To take advantage of the discount, download and install the application of the selected gas station. It also joined the movement to cut prices moyaWhich provides the purchase of cheaper fuel without an application and with a monthly limit.

Granules Prices – Wednesday 27/07/2022 How much do the granules cost?

What are the prices for pellets in stores? Pellets can be purchased in packed bags of 15 kg each. On Wednesday, July 27, in Kasturama, prices per ton range from PLN 2330 to PLN 2660. in Leroy Merlin Pellets can be purchased from PLN 2330 to PLN 2730 per ton. However, in Obi we can find PLN 2670 pellets.

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