Difficulties in banks on the weekend of January 28-29, 2023. Where is the service business planned?

Four banks issued statements informing customers of potential difficulties. Some problems won’t end until Sunday night. Where will the service work take place this weekend?

Difficulties in four banks over the weekend

Four banks have informed their clients about upcoming service work. This may cause difficulties in using the services to which they are entitled. What facilities apply to them? One of them is BNP Paribas. As we read on TVN24, problems may appear on Friday night, between 22.00 and 1.00.

Some of the services not available include: BLIK payments, online payments such as PaybyLink and PaybyNet, tickets and parking services, PayU Express and Express Elixir, and telephone transfers.

Difficulties will also arise in BPS Bank. On Friday from 23:00 to Saturday until 1:00, customers will not be able to use the Internet banking system.

Online payments problems

End of this week Administrative work planning is also done by Pocztowy Bank. – On January 29, 2023 at 08:00-14:00, there will be no possibility to perform 3D Secure transactions.

On the same day, banking services will be suspended Volkswagen Bank Poland. Difficulties will occur between the 20-22nd. – During this time, access to accounts and payment cards may be difficult. There may also be problems with electronic banking services, mobile applications and online payments. Plan your payments in advance and withdraw cash in advance if you need to It is mentioned on the bank’s website.

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More information on this at TVN24.

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