A tax expert would have seriously harassed an employer

A former Deloitte tax expert accused of seriously harassing a top executive with whom he allegedly fell in love began seeing conspiracies everywhere, believing comedian Martin Matt was addressing him directly in ads for his Mac.

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Philip Dubey sent colleagues and the victim several disturbing videos where he filmed himself speaking “coded messages” that he was able to understand.

On several occasions, he claims, Deloitte “forced” the victim to flirt with him and then allow him to fire her.

“She’s got the mandate to charm me Imprisonment “Releasing Dubey in the video.

“It disturbed me, disturbed me. I didn’t understand half of what he said in the videos. There are videos that scared me a lot,” the victim said in a Montreal court on Wednesday, continuing her testimony to the jury.

He posted a photo on Facebook, ax in hand, more specifically

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He posted a photo on Facebook, ax in hand, and specifically wrote, “My love, we’ll see each other there again.”

The 30-year-old allegedly committed his crimes from the summer of 2020, months after he was hired by Deloitte as a corporate tax auditor. The harassment continued for months.

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In the roughly 16-minute video, the accused browses his former superior’s Facebook profile, repeatedly maintaining that the publications, however innocuous, are for him by creating links to pages on urban sites like Dictionary and Google Maps.

“Obviously I’m in the question,” Dubey said. Everything revolves around me and she has a mission.

At one point, he felt challenged by Martin Matt’s ads for Maxi, which he said were actually Deloitte’s way of making fun.

“Here he says ‘keep your voice down’. This is a message to say shut up,” he assures.

“Help Needed”

The victim was afraid of the accused and had to sleep with her relatives about thirty times.

“I didn’t know where he lived, but I was afraid he knew where I lived,” she explained.

According to her, it was clear he “needed help” and he multiplied his messages and attempts to contact her.

“On the only day I went to the office in weeks, he sent me flowers. […] I was so scared, I was still wondering if he was following me,” the victim said.

The trial continues Thursday.

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