Google and YouTube will cut monetization of climate change deniers

Google seems to be serious about fighting misinformation. A week ago it was reported that YouTube is owned by a giant company from Mountain View Banwan Content that spreads false information about vaccination against COVID-19. Now the anti-disinformation policy has been extended to another topic.

Google announced it All authors responsible for content that denies human-caused climate change will be removed from monetization methods. This applies to people who use Google ads, publishers, and YouTube channels. Thus, creators who spread information that climate change is a conspiracy or just a fraud, will be cut off from the resources provided by the content produced.

in the post statment Google announced that the new rules will be implemented using automated algorithms. However, individual content will also be manually checked by the appropriate personnel in the company. This is to prevent a situation in which authors who comment only on false statements about climate change are insulated from the possibility of monetization.

According to a document published by the company, The new rules will take effect in November this year.

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