Remake in the Gothic style in Polish stores, suggested price and release date [Aktualizacja #2]
September 8, 2022, 12:10

author: Hubert “Hxx0” ledziewski

Gothic Remake pre-orders can be placed in Polish and foreign stores. Product cards display the price and approximate release date of the game, which may be more than just a “placeholder”.

Update #2

This is the promised official response from PLAION Polska:

The 12/31/2023 date used when creating product cards is of course only a temporary date, the so-called “placeholder”. When THQ Nordic announces its actual release date Gothic 1 RemakeThen we will definitely inform about it through all of our communication channels.

The so-called expected official retail price (we, as a distributor, cannot charge partners prices, we can only suggest them) Gothic 1 Remake In Western Europe it is €59.99, which translates to 279.99 PLN at the moment. The mentioned trading partners can of course offer the game to their customers without SRP as they usually do.

Update #1

We have received confirmation from the Polish distributor of PLAION Polska that The information below is official It was prepared in cooperation with the publisher of the game Gothic remake, THQ North. We will soon post the full company statement here.

original message

Recently Nadir Toys Gothic remake It has given fans hope that Alkimia Interactive is the right developer to bring this iconic series to life. The community’s delight grew even more when he found it Production is built from scratch (i.e. not based on the demo), but its soundtrack will compose – As in the original – Kay Rosenkranz.

When asked by fans on Discord, The German could not give an approximate date for the first show Gothic remake. advertiser Only that the creators won’t make any promises on this, because “we don’t need another incomplete Gothic“. while In Polish and foreign stores it was possible to pre-order the game.

Gothic Edition – Release Date and Price by Store

Offers are available on the websites of online marketplaces such as media expertAnd the RTV Euro AGDAnd the Newnet if media marketBut also in UK store And on the site Amazon. Prices for all versions – for PC, PS5 and XSX / S – range from PLN 249 to PLN 279. The product sheets indicate that Gothic remake will come out in 2023.

Remake in the Gothic style in Polish stores, suggested price and release date [Aktualizacja #2] Illustration #1

A typical view of the game Gothic Remake.Source:

The date is approximate, but official, which was reported to us by PLAION Polska (formerly Koch Media Polska).

There are no changes on Steam

on me steamnor in PS . Storenor in MS . Store Can’t order yet Gothic remake. None of these stores offer the price or release date for the game either.

A daunting remake of the XONE?

Gothic remake It was only announced for new generation PCs and consoles, such as the PS5 and XSX/S. Meanwhile, product pages in nearly all stores say production will release on Xbox One and only be compatible with the XSX/S. Curious? However, it turns out that this information is available on the game’s website MS . Store (See screen below). This appears to be a bug that stores inadvertently copied.

Remake in the Gothic style in Polish stores, suggested price and release date [Aktualizacja #2] Illustration No. 2

Gothic remake at MS Store.Source:

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