Assassin’s Creed Jade blurs boundaries.  It’s almost a console experience for me
August 25, 2023, at 15:27

Assassin’s Creed: Jade is slowly blurring the line between a mobile game and a “big” console version. This involves some compromises, but in the end the good impressions prevail.

Ubisoft is constantly trying to bring its biggest brands to mobile platforms. But this time she deserves applause Instead of tying a popular title to a typical smartphone or clichéd iOS and Android gaming system, it instead attempts to recreate the console experience on the small screen of a phone..

Earlier in June, I had the opportunity to check out a mobile phone Department: RenaissanceAnd now coming Assassin’s Creed: Jade. Either way, I felt like I was playing the main part of this well-known series with a big screen, but graphically adapted to the capabilities of mobile chipsets and with controls adapted to touch screens. As you might expect, this has advantages and disadvantages.

Is it a mobile phone or a PC with low detail?

Assassin’s Creed: Jade Taking us to the ancient China really offers the gameplay of complete parts of this series. There’s the TPP view and an open world, and there’s leaps of faith in a haystack, hiding in the bushes and stealth killing. There is parkour and smooth climbing through different buildings, as well as melee combat with the option to attack and parry and various special abilities. How is it applied in practice?

The game surprises with beautiful and very detailed visuals. naturally Not up to this level Valhali on PS5, but “Assassin” on mobile looks better than on mobile to divideas New York had to undergo an intense detail filtering process. w SmellPerhaps due to the lack of a huge city, as well as the occasional buildings in the historical climates of the Middle Kingdom and the open world full of vegetation, the differences are not so noticeable.

To begin with, we have a character designer at our disposal, for the first time in this seriesAnd I must say that it is quite detailed – it allows you to change a lot in the appearance of the hero. I dare say it is very accurate compared to what can be seen later during the game with our hero, although there are dialogue scenes in which he is presented in a rather cinematic way. These narrative segments were based on static drawings.

I was also very positively surprised by the terrain mapping distance in the open world. In these outermost layers, of course, there are no details, but it is done in such a way that you cannot see the “potato laying” at all, only the artistic vision of the artist. However, I must note that I played to the highest level of detail, and there will be many to choose from due to the customization ACJ for older phone models. Assassin’s Creed: Jade Shared with us on the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone. Maybe that’s also why the game seemed so colorful to me, even saturated.

I learned it from the developers The minimum requirement is to start from the iPhone 11 level. And there’s another significant hardware issue – after about 20 minutes of gaming, the phone got unpleasantly hot. It is difficult to say whether it will be the same in the final version and on other devices.

smearing across the screen

The second most important thing when trying to recreate the console experience on mobile is the control issue. in to divide I used a board connected via bluetooth and there were no problems here – even the button assignment was identical. When asked about the pad’s support Assassin’s Creed: Jade I couldn’t tell if that was the case. How does touch control work?

On the right side are quite conveniently placed buttons, or rather secret icons, responsible for attacks, dodging, parrying, climbing or jumping. Alongside them, there are cross fields that activate loot or special attacks. On the left, there is a handle that allows you to move around. It shows where we put our thumb. And I had the biggest problem with it.

Assassins Creed Jade blurs boundaries.  It's almost a console experience for me - Illustration #1

By tapping on the screen with this finger, it is very easy to activate full movement speed. Sometimes it gets annoying when we want to position ourselves precisely in a certain place. You must then devote as much attention and effort, for my taste, to such a small activity. It would be useful here to be able to switch between the fixed walking speed limit and the normal mode, which is adjustable by the touch knob. And from what I’ve learned, nothing is known about adapting the control icons to tablet screens.

The whole package on a small screen

It’s hard to expect advanced combat mechanics in a mobile game Smell It can provide a great deal of satisfaction in this area as well. It’s all about the intuitive use of two melee, dodge and dodge attack symbols. Sometimes there are special abilities. The stealth kills and quick stealth are also very good, as is the parkour – their animations look great, and the movement is smooth and intuitive.

We can also explore the open world, perform quests and develop our character – just do almost everything that can be done in the console versions. For fans of the series, being able to play literally anywhere on a device that’s always in your pocket, for free, is definitely a real treat. And if rain support is added, then when we switch to viewing the picture on TV, we will get an additional almost console experience. And if work was done on heating the device only, because it is likely to affect battery consumption, it would be great. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Definitive Edition – Mobile Gaming Crossing Its Limits next and Assassin’s Creed: Jade is a good example of this.

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