Red card at first and demolished in Krakow

PAP/EPA / Łukasz Gągulski / Pictured: Krakow defeated Radomiak Radom 6-0

Thomas Galinsky

Cracovia defeated Radomiak Radom 6-0 and effectively started the spring round in the PKO Ekstraklasa. The visitors were weak from the start, because Leonardo Rocha had to leave the field in one of the first movements.

You can analyze your opponent for weeks, prepare for one specific match, test different sparring variations, and eventually get verified by the league. Coach Maciej Kędziorek certainly had a plan for Saturday's match in Krakow, but he was forced to change it after a few dozen seconds.

Leonardo Rocha tripped the ball and then attacked Patrick Sokolowski with a straight leg. You can say it was a fluke, he didn't want it, but what matters to the judge is the end result. A brutal attack on an opponent's leg, which may result in a fracture. Karol Aris gave himself a moment to think, but he did not wait for the VAR signal, flashing a red card and sending Rocha to the dressing room. He didn't even have to shower because his performance lasted about twenty seconds.

Cracovia quickly took advantage of this advantage. I scored one goal and another and Radomiak scored the third goal himself. After the break, the hosts did not take their foot off the accelerator. It was complete domination by Jacek Zieliński's side, who said in the pre-match press conference that they would like to escape the relegation zone as quickly as possible. The first step has been taken.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewsporcie: Not even 20 seconds have passed. Crazy start to the match

The match started with a wonderful shot from Pawel Jaroszynski from outside the penalty area. He received the ball with his right foot and tried it with his left foot. Really great hit. The improvement came from Benjamin Kalman, who received a good vertical pass from Patrick Macocha, got past Mike Sistor and slotted the ball into the net with a flat shot. The 3-0 scoreline was a brilliant cross from Kalman, a drop by Utar Kakabadze and an unfortunate challenge from Davut Abramovich.

Radomiak was the background for the “Pasi” team. A few slow long-range shots were all the visitors could muster. Although Lisandro Semedo scored a goal in one match, it was clearly offside.

After the break, at first it looked like patting in the middle of the field and trying to keep score with minimal effort. However, in the end, Krakow began to attack. I think she decided it was worth offering something extra to the fans who paid for tickets. Especially since Radomiak was not a team ready for a Real Madrid-style revamp.

Thus, Bassi eliminated his opponent, who was unstable on his feet. First, Makuch after a brilliant cross from Jaroszynski, then Jani Atanasov, who scored a perfect goal with one of his first contacts with the ball after Kalman's pass.

The visitors finished the match with nine men, because in the end Michal Cabot was sent off the field for brutally attacking Atanasov. Jaroszynski scored in extra time with a stunning shot.

Krakow – Radomiac Radom 6:0 (3:0)
1:0 Pawel Jaroszynski 8'
2:0 Benjamin Kalman (18')
3:0 Daoud Abramovich (S) 32'
4:0 Patrick McCoach 62'
5:0 Jani Atanasov 65'
6:0 Pawel Jaroszynski 90+1'


Krakow: Sebastian Madejski – Otar Kakabadze (70' Mateusz Boshnak), Virgil Guetta (46' Ennio Petri), Arto Hoskonen, Andreas Skovgaard, Pawel Jaroszynski – Michal Rakoczi, Patrik Sokolowski (64' Takuto Oshima), Karol Knapp (64' Jani Atanasov) ). ), Benjamin Kallmann (84' Fabian Besdill) – Patrick McCoach.

Radomiak: Gabriel Kubilak – Jan Grzecyk, Mateusz Czczocki, Mike Sistor (66' Luka Vuckovic), Daoud Abramovich – Wagner Dias (46' Christian Okonewski), Luizao (66' Michal Cabot), Christos Donis (66' Luis Machado), Rafael Wolski . Lesandro Semedo (81' Leandro) – Leonardo Rocha.

Yellow cards: Guetta, Skovgaard, Atanasov (Cracow) Oraz Donis, Loizaw (Radomiak).
Red cards: Leonardo Rocha 2' (Radomiak, foul), Cabot 86' (Radomiak, foul).

Judge: Carol Aris (Szczecin).

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