December 9, 2022


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Media: Gareth Bale arrested in new club.  He was seen in the football training center

Media: Gareth Bale arrested in new club. He was seen in the football training center

It has long been known to expire a necklace with Real Madrid The Welsh winger will leave the club. Many supporters of the Spanish champion accused him of not taking proper care of his duties, while he continued to play at the highest level in the national team of his country.

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Gareth Bale will play in Cardiff City?

On the other hand, at Real Madrid, no one will cry for the 32-year-old. His contribution to the team’s game, especially last season, was fictitious, causing some to wait until his contract expired and leave the club. On the other hand, some Real Madrid fans have expressed their appreciation for what he has given Los Blancos since his move in 2013.

In the context of the Welshman’s future, so far the names of at least a few clubs he could go to have been mentioned. The latest information from the British press makes it the next place to play ballsIt seems more and more likely.

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The Daily Mail reported that the 32-year-old was recently seen at a training facility for the tournament Cardiff City. Bale was due to arrive at the Welsh club to negotiate with manager Steve Morrison and is said to be finalizing his role at the club. In the event of such a transfer, the player will have to accept a significant reduction in salary. At Real Madrid, he earned more than 640,000 euros a week.

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Long queue for the Welshman, even Atletico in it

This has been speculated for several weeks Gareth Bale Can stay in Spain. During the presentation of Getafe’s clothes for the next season, the club president Angel Torres said he “spoke to the Welsh international who introduced them to the player”.. After a moment he doubted it Transfer can be achieved. However, the rumors did not end there. Some sources said that the Welshman may choose a different club for Real Madrid, That is Atletico Madrid. The editors of the portal “” said that Gareth Bale himself would have commented on such a move, although he has not moved on the issue since then.

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Cardiff City, on the other hand, is not the first club on the island that Bale has been associated with. The Sun newspaper reported that clubs like Newcastle, Aston Villa, Tottenham and Nottingham Forest. AS Rome is also included in this group of interested parties.