Rebel Moon – Ed Skrein talks about the Zack Snyder movie in a specific way
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August 27, 2023, at 20:52

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Actor Ed Skrein, who plays Admiral Atticus Noble in Rebel Moon, confirmed that the Zack Snyder movie will have features that the Star Wars productions lack.

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star Wars It is one of the biggest brands in the history of cinematography. The franchise created by George Lucas is growing more and more every year and is gaining more and more fanatical fans. Perhaps there would be more, were it not for the fact that the universe is guided by one fundamental principle: to reach as many audiences as possible, both older and younger. Therefore, we will not find in the productions scenes of brutality, hectoliters of blood, love close-ups or curses.

Viewers who enjoy this kind of cinema will soon have an alternative to “the good”. star Wars like Rebel Moon. At least that’s the impression you get from the words of production star Ed Skrein.

The actor who plays the villain Atticus Noble in Snyder’s film recently gave an interview to the editors of The Gateway ScreenRantHe summed up the project in a very interesting way. According to the artist, the show is like star WarsBut more vulgar. He also made no secret of his excitement over the fact that he could be involved in building an entirely new franchise.

When people ask me: “What are you working on?” I say: “How so?” star Wars with violence, sex and insults.”. As soon as I heard that, I thought: “I’m here.” In these times where we are no longer creating a lot of new IP addresses […]It is a great honor to be part of a newly built world. He explained that I adore subversive underground art, so being a part of this commercial giant with such revolutionary inclinations was just a wonderful possibility.

Seizing this opportunity, Skrein participated in a behind-the-scenes collaboration with Zack Snyder. The actor also referred to the character he is portraying, claiming that it was made for him.

And then I walked onto the set and I thought, “Yeah, Zack’s crazy like me. Yeah, that’s crazy.” I think it was a dark scene and he said, “Okay, we’re going to get the priestesses.” So I said: the priestess? And he said, “Yeah, we do.” And I say, “Oh my God, really? Are we doing that?” And then I saw this shot and I said, “Okay, this is the movie we’re making.”

It’s a movie I’m very excited about. And Noble is the kind of character that I saw and said, “Oh, that’s a dream.” So when I read the script, I said, “This guy’s a dream role.” It’s a dream role for me and everyone else. And yes, being able to bring this idea to life was an amazing experience for me. And when I read it, I said: “I understand it. I was made for this. I was made for this” – the artist did not cease to admire.

I remember that originally Rebel Moon It was developed by Snyder as a spin-off star Wars. Even the creator presented his idea to Disney, but the cooperation was not achieved because the director insisted that the film be directed to adults, and the Mickey Mouse production company agreed to that. You didn’t want to agree.

Their refusal was exploited by Netflix, which took over the project. Inspite of that Rebel Moonwhich will debut on the platform on December 22, will be rated PG-13, and an expanded adult version of the movie will also be available in the future.

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