Ragnarok - Gameplay offers a Polish language version.  We show you amazing content from the game

Tomorrow, players will be able to learn about God of War Ragnarok and the ban on viewing game content has just ended. We have prepared the beginning of the story and at the same time we are showing a lot of screenshots that reveal many great shots from the Santa Monica Studio website.

PlayStation Studios has another treasure. God of War Ragnarok has been appreciated by journalists all over the world – on our site you will find an additional review and opinion. The Kratos Adventure is undoubtedly one of the best that has been produced in recent years.

PlayStation Polska took care of the whole site, So you can hear the original cast playing the heroes again. Sony is accustomed to high quality dubbing and God of War Ragnarok is no different.

Check out the beginning of the story below, so if you’re not going to spoil your fun, don’t watch the movie. It’s rather a show of dubbing itself for people who aren’t sure if they want to jump into Kratos’ shoes tomorrow.

The gameplay advances the story, but it’s…a very small part of the story. Here you will see one amazing fight presented in the trailers. It’s much better later.

In addition, we have prepared a large gallery with a large selection of screenshots from the game – here I tried to skip the important story moments, but of course you will see here characters, monsters or gods, which we have not yet shown due to the ban.

Be careful of spoilers – in the movie and in the show

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