Huge moon visible from the North Pole.  No one has ever seen anything like this... and will never see it!

Let’s start with that The Moon revolves around the Earth at a distance of 364 to 384 thousand. kilometers. It is made for the heavens Takes approximately 30 minutes corner. The silver globe is moving in orbit at a speed of 1,023 km/s. Within an hour, it cuts half a degree angle in Earth’s sky, i.e. The distance that corresponds to its angular dimensions.

In addition, it should be noted that thanks to synchronous movement We’ve been looking at the same side of the moon on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. What we see only changes by itself Illumination phases from new moon to full moon.

A recording appeared on the Internet is gaining increasing popularity. Many netizens share it directly on their social media profiles, which makes it hard to find its source. Each subsequent post with this video has its own unique description, which was also made Translated into Polish.

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