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in Quantum computers The data is represented by the current quantum state. The evolution of this case corresponds to the arithmetic process. Developing a quantum algorithm could theoretically allow results to be achieved more efficiently than standard computers. The basic unit of quantum information is . qubit. They have a whole set of intermediate states and therefore differ from traditional units of information, i.e. BitWhich can only be 0 or 1.

Shipping Quantum states Optical fibers may result in information loss. Therefore, scientists are looking for solutions to obtain the highest possible value of the transmitted and stored information. Greater efficiency can be obtained with the so-called Quantum teleportation.

In recent scientific studies, it was possible to show that quantum teleportation between two adjacent nodes maybe. In addition, quantum information is transmitted even when there is a third node between them.

Scientists in Scientific article They write: We carry out Quantum teleportation between remote, non-contiguous nodes in a quantum network. The network uses three optically connected nodes based on semiconductor spin qubits. teleporter It is prepared by creating a distal entanglement on the two junctions followed by a tangle swap at the middle node.

We show that after successful setup of the teleporter, any qubit state can be teleported with a precision above the classical limit”

The research team adds: “Our work provides the basic building block for future quantum networks and opens the door to the discovery of teleportation-based multi-node protocols and applications.”

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