Radio 357 increased by 50 percent.  Deposit how to cancel

Radio 357 has been broadcasting since January 2021, and relies primarily on contributions from patrons who use the Patronite service. Support listeners to date They were guaranteed various benefits, depending on the amounts they paid. Now – as announced by representatives of the broadcasting station – it changes radically: every sponsor It guarantees the same benefits package. Everyone is equal, there is no better or worse. The majority will benefit from this change – argued Radio 357’s chief during the broadcast, Paul Sotis.

And Paul Bobog Roskowski He added: – The benefit is also for us, because we have all the benefits for customers combined in one place. So you can “confess” them to the tax authorities in a clear and legible manner.

What are the benefits of backers?

Every sponsor has it from now on access to the podcast platform, Where you can also listen to exclusive podcasts. In addition, it automatically enters a private and closed group on Facebook, a Every Friday you will receive a new newsletter. It will include news, cultural recommendations and podcasts. regardless of the amount paid – Now you can also vote for “357 Song List” as well as one of several tops, As well as participating in the competitions available so far for those who have paid more than the basic amounts.

50% increase

But something for something. As mentioned, Radio 357 has also raised the lowest payout on Patronite for new users. They have to pay now Not 10, but 15 zlotys: This is the lowest payout limit since March. The change is not drastic, but it is clear: the lowest payment increases by PLN 5 after more than two years from the PLN 10 limit. “I think we all know why, unfortunately. Costs are rising, and inflation is not avoiding us. PLN 10, compared to the situation a few years ago, has melted a lot ”- the radio operators of Radio 357 explain on the page to the recipients. They also emphasize that a fee change is necessary “to maintain and develop the radio at the price you expect”.

Currently, there are three support thresholds for new patrons (to choose from): PLN 15, 25 or 40. In turn, beneficiaries who already support the station can change the amount of support at any time, with the following thresholds to choose from: PLN 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 40, 50, 70, 100 and more. From May, the PLN 10 threshold will disappear, but nothing will change for those who support radio with the help of automatic payments.

Radio 357 is an internet radio station founded by former journalists of the Third Program of Polish Radio. The radio currently supports more than 49 thousand. Beneficiaries who pay them approximately PLN 881,000 per month. zlotys. In total, the station has collected more than PLN 21 million.

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