PFR and BGK targeted by the opposition.  “Prime Minister Games face tsunami”

Premiere of the movie “Games” Waiting for the “Tsunami” – says one of the politicians in an interview with the website Civil Coalition, who wish to remain anonymous. These “toys” are the Polish Development Fund and Gospodarstwa Krajowego Bank, which in previous years were transformed into financial instruments of the United Right government.

During the pandemic, the Political Finance Watchdog (PFR) has funded companies with billions of zlotys to preserve jobs. In turn, BGK manages the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Fund, which has taken care of all expenses ordered by the Prime Minister, including, among others: verification of various investments of local governments. Now, after the change of government, the opposition announces a major audit.

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PFR and BGK targeted by the opposition

We cannot afford the continuation of this disease in the state treasury. Our voters will not forgive us for this. First, a great white book of state finance must be created, show their true image, wash all the dirty laundry outside, and take everything out of urbi et orbi. If we miss anything, it will later be transferred to our account and we will receive a hit on the head for our mistakes – an opposition representative tells us.

When asked about his personal details, he directly said: There will still be time to do so, but unfortunately I do not have any good news for PiS – its politicians face significant mobilization.

For many years, PFR was headed by Paweł Boris, Mateusz Morawiecki’s closest collaborator, who was previously an employee of PKO BP. – Paweł Borys is one of the few in the community Law and Justice PartyWho really knows economics and financial markets. But we couldn’t trust him. We cannot allow mistakes to be made and people left in power by this system, which has destroyed the rule of law and contributed to the collapse of public finances – this is what our informant told us.

Faction war. Trials in PFR

The change of power causes panic in the Law and Justice Party. The right trembles before the personal broom of the opposition coalition. This causes tensions within the increasingly dirty game between factions.

From the side of the so-called Sassenians, that is, the camp of the Minister of State Property, Jacek Sassen, who has been fighting with the support of the Prime Minister for years, we hear that At PFR they are looking for contact information of the former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Bank of Bicau, Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, anyone Related to the platform environment. Presumably people from the PFR will strive to KO through it, in order to at least try to hold certain positions.

This is complete nonsense – We hear in PFR. – What matters most to us is For a specialist to come to PFR who will not destroy this great team that has been built over the years. They are professionals, not politicians. And they are afraid now, because for the first time they are in a situation where the power over an agency like the Political Finance Watchdog is changing. Therefore, the main task is to lead the team through this transformation without losses and as calmly as possible, says a senior official at the fund.

Our interlocutor also hopes that all audits will show that “this part of the economy is clean.” – We were under investigation for a long time by the Supreme Audit Office, which was hostile to us, and President Marian Banach had to retract some accusations. – says our informant.

BKG – the apple of the Prime Minister’s eye

The second institution that the opposition wants to “broadcast” is Gospodarstowa Krajowigo Bank. It is headed by Beata Daszynska-Muzyczka, formerly a director at BZ WBK (now Santander Bank Polska), headed by Mateusz Morawiecki. She is also a very close collaborator of the Prime Minister.

The economic program of one of the partners of the Third Way Alliance – Poland 2050 – was developed by Prof. Pawel Wojciechowski, advisor to several governments, former Minister of Finance and Chief Economist of the Social Insurance Institute. He was watching BGK closely.

I calculated that with PLN 400 billion in expenditures pushed beyond the budget, the additional cost amounts to – a paltry – PLN 3.5 billion. And only until the end of 2023. A more precise calculation was provided by the Institute of Public Finance, which estimated that during the maturity of bonds issued by BGK/PFR, an additional amount of PLN 12.2 billion will have to be paid – says the professor in an interview with Wojciechowski. – For this reason, I accused the Prime Minister of major mismanagement in this regard – he adds.

Mateusz Walewski – a former economist at consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) – also works at BGK as chief economist.

– Matthews is an academic type. It was he who calculated the VAT gap of more than PLN 200 billion, which Morawiecki later incorrectly and calculatingly used in his speeches about chasing the mafia. However, I want to say that the analytical management of the bank made sense of what was happening at BGK. Moreover, he publicly supported her, even though things were different behind the scenes. It is certain that no one will stand up to the one who destroyed our country’s public finances – Another confirmation comes from another person from the Civil Coalition who knows the corridors of BGK.

Huge waste of resources

Chaos, lack of procedures, lack of transparency, waste of resources This is how the assessment of the Financial Supervision Bureau can be summarized. The Chamber concluded that PLN 190 billion had been spent from the fund “In a chaotic and ineffective manner and without open and transparent procedures.”

Stanislav Jarosz, Director of the Budget and Finance Department of the Supreme Audit Office, said a few weeks ago that although the Prime Minister had become the de facto administrative body of the fund, he “did not recognize his role, which led to the diffusion of responsibility and irregularities identified by the Audit Office.”

Big mess in the Covid-19 prevention fund

The Coronavirus Combat Fund also financed the investment tasks of local government units within the following programs: the Government Local Investment Fund, and then the Strategic Investment Program. Both programs did not provide transparent rules for distributing funds. The allocation of funds was determined by committees in which there were no local government representatives.

but this is not all. NIK also found that applications that did not meet the criteria were considered favourably. Nor have any mechanisms been established to monitor and supervise the work of the committee.

So, it’s time to solve this problem. It will hurt, but it will be worth it – Summarizes our interlocutor from the opposition.

Damian Szymanski, vice president and journalist

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