Queen Elizabeth II felt that she was dying.  Before her death, she had disobeyed her advisors

Queen Elizabeth II She died on September 8 at her beloved home in Scotland. Despite participating in important events, let us remind you of that A few days before her death, Her Majesty the Queen welcomed the new Prime Minister, more and more talked about the deteriorating health of the king. Although her advisors repeatedly asked her to return to London, she did so The Queen has made a decision to stay at Balmoral Castle. The British royal expert confirmed that Her Majesty apparently wanted to get away from the glamor of the kingdom.

The Queen knew that she would not return [do Londynu — przyp. red.]. M.I think she wanted to be in Balmoral and she wanted to go there Katie Nicholl, a Vanity Fair correspondent, told the BBC.

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Queen Elizabeth II wanted to die at Balmoral

The much-loved Elizabeth II estate is located in Balmoral. Monarchini often vacationed there with her husband and children. According to an expert on the British monarchy, she had many good memories from this place, and it was there that she could take a break from all the hustle and bustle. Katie Nicholl confirmed that the King in Scotland was apparently more comfortable.

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Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022.

Remember that Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place on September 19. It is known that before the death of the king She asked her instrumentalist to perform at a service in Windsor. In addition, Her Majesty the Queen had special wishes for the funeral service. during the celebration The crown jeweler will collect the crown from the king’s coffin and take it to the Tower of London. The Queen will be buried in the Royal Treasury, next to her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

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