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In arranged Denis Arcand, which will be released in theaters on October 5, describes what Remy Girard’s character did in his day: “I walked through the cemetery, I saw an insignificant Quebec film”.

I laughed so hard at the film’s premiere that I think I pierced the eardrum of the Radio-Canada culture columnist sitting to my right.

I laughed because I found Arcand cheeky as if scratching some colleagues.

But I laughed too, because I’ve seen so many unimportant Quebec films!

Photo Agent QMI, Martin Alary

Reality VS Fiction

“Significant: non-significant, meaning”.

feeling, arranged A. A lot, too.

The funniest scene occurs during a literary award ceremony, where the character played by Remy Girard is invited in the presence of, sorry, the Minister of Culture.

All awards are given to women (or people with wombs, as they say in hip circles) from minority groups or gender identities.

When they get up to collect the trophy, Remy Girard, a white, straight, cisgender man in his 50s, is literally pushed down and pushed around.

Arcand turns this scene into a Felinean farce. Exaggerated, grotesque. However, this is a worrying fact.

Re-read my columns from the last two years: How many grant-making agency programs are allocated to “people of color”, tribes, LGBTQ2SAI+? Ten!

  • Listen to the Culture and Society essay by Jean-Francois Baril and Sophie Durocher QUB Radio :

In this memorable scene, Remy Girard’s character, confused with the great playwright Michel-Marc Bouchard, was awarded an award.The Felutes, The Orphan Muses)

You will say to me: “Come on, Sophie, in Quebec, the Minister of Culture does not know how to recognize a playwright whose plays are performed on all international stages! “.

However, we have already seen a culture minister who doesn’t even know André Prasart!

When a nursing home gets rid of its books and replaces video games, why don’t we give them away instead of throwing them in the trash, asks Remy Girard? “Nobody wants that,” Sophie Lorraine replied. Just to cry.

When the Minister of Health (played by Caroline Nero) boasts about the loving culture, she says that when her friends come to her house to eat, they can see the cornos “decorating” her walls. I love Carnot, but he’s no Riobel, dammit!

Yves Jacques and Robert Lepage say it well in the film: “The only culture politicians know is Cirque du Soleil. and Celine Dion. That’s it. It’s absolutely everything. All. »

Fake news!

What Arcand has to say about Quebec culture is vivid… and touching. Funny… and sad.

The only “unreality” arrangedThis is a recording of a literary magazine on public television.

This is a lie, Mr. Arcand! Neither Radio-Canada nor Télé-Québec is now ready to offer reading Quebecers a program worthy of the name.

The other day, a Montreal bookseller I was browsing denounced the scam. Its customers now listen to the French program religiously Big book store.

Who was Augustine Trapenard’s guest on September 13? Quebec writer Eric Chacour, who presents his first novel, What do I know about you?.

Quebec, we know about you, you don’t know your own culture.

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