She is a doctor and economist and has seven children.  This is what Tusk is negotiating with

Ursula von der Leyen was born in 1958 in Brussels. She is an economist by education (she studied, among other things, at the London School of Economics) and a doctor. She entered politics relatively late, in 1990, when she joined the Christian Democratic Union party. She was 32 years old at the time. She first joined the German government in 2005, when she became Family Minister in Angela Merkel’s government. In 2009 she became Minister of Labor, and in 2013 – Minister of Defense. He has been president of the European Commission since 2019.

The private life of the President of the European Commission is as interesting as her political life. Von der Leyen is the daughter of Ernst Albrecht, the former Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. She was born in Brussels because her father was an EU official at the time. However, what makes the biggest impression on public opinion is the fact that the professor and her husband. Heiko von der Leyen raised seven children. The eldest, son David, is currently 36 years old, and the youngest, Gracie, is 24 years old.

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