Mass Effect 5 is built on the Unreal Engine
December 18, 2021, 13:33

The producer from BioWare confirmed that with Mass Effect 5, the developers abandoned the Frostbite engine in favor of the Unreal Engine.

A new installment in the Mass Effect series Made on Unreal Engine. This information was revealed by game producer Brenon Holmes, who announced that BioWare is looking for programmers with experience in UE4/5 to work on the fifth installment of the series.

The first speculation about it In September this yearAlso thanks for the job offers. Now, however, it has been officially confirmed that charter developers with experience in the Unreal Engine will be working on it. Mass Effect 5.

There is still plenty of time until the premiere of the latest version of the cycle, so the final product will likely run on Unreal Engine 5. However, the tools in this version of the engine are similar to those in UE4, so it’s no wonder BioWare is interested Also, developers with experience working on the fourth generation of this technology.

Mass Effect 5 is based on Unreal Engine - Illustration #1

Confirmation of Unreal Engine use is very good news. The first three parts of the series were run on previous versions of this technology. Just Mass Effect: Andromeda Changed to Frostbite and that was it One of the reasons why this game failed, because the engine was not adapted to the needs of an RPG game. This technology also caused a lot of production problems in BioWare studio National anthem And Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Using the Unreal Engine should allow BioWare to focus on game development rather than tackling technology that doesn’t match their needs. It will also make life much easier for new employees who will already have experience with this engine. Frostbite is only used by the studios of Electronic Arts, so people coming from outside of this company’s teams always have to spend a lot of time getting to know this technology. How important is it recently Battlefield 2042 exampleIt took 6 months to port the game to the latest version of Frostbite, and it took a year and a half, mainly because the key people behind this engine left DICE studio.

Finally, BioWare has not revealed a planned release date for the game. However, fans of the brand have no reason to complain. This year they received a remastered trilogy in the form of Mass Effect: Legendary EditionAnd recently it was reported that Amazon was planning Brand chain citation.

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