March 21, 2023


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Bungie will not be 'muffled' by Sony.  The company wants to defend its beliefs

Bungie will not be ‘muffled’ by Sony. The company wants to defend its beliefs

Bungie will be joining Sony in the coming months, but the Japanese company may encounter an unusual problem. Destiny’s creators won’t allow themselves to wear a “mask” because the company wants freedom of speech.

Jim Ryan’s last words caused a storm not only at PlayStation Studios. The head of the SIE talked about reproductive law, so Insomniac Games decided to respond and prepared a nearly 60-page document on the rights of the studio’s representatives and all Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Players thought Bungie would also be interested in the topic, as the Destiny authors were the first to announce that they would oppose the US Supreme Court changes and the developers could count on the studio’s full support.

Insomniac Games has confirmed that Sony has banned PlayStation Studios from commenting on a high-profile US case. Players are starting to wonder if Bungie will also be “gagged,” but Dylan Gafner (Bungie’s chief community manager) disagrees:

“It would be really annoying if Sony wore a Bungie muzzle in the future and prevented them from playing such a tournament.”

“I admit, I’m only a CM in the grand scheme, but I’m pretty sure:

We are and we will be Bungie.

There will never be a “muzzle” large enough to prevent us from defending the right.

Even the Bungie boss responded with literally one word – Pete Parsons agreed with Dylan Gafner:


This is a really interesting situation because Bungie wants to join Sony, which is a huge company, but it seems that he does not intend to agree with all the decisions of the Japanese giant. This can create many unexpected situations that both Jim Ryan and Hermann Holst will have to deal with.

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