Is sports betting legal in Canada?

Yes, it is legal to wager on sports in Canada, but with a significant restriction when compared to the legality of sports wagering in the United States of America. Canadians were previously only able to wager on parlays until August 2021.

Legislators decided to modify the Criminal Code so that single-game wagering is permitted. The sports wagering market in Canada will be comparable to the one in the U. S., with every state able to decide on its own laws and regulations for the industry.

Before Placing Bets

Although offshore websites appear to be a tempting alternative, the facts show that they are everything but. Before being allowed to function in Canada, the lawful retailers must go through a lengthy licensing procedure. They spend a lot of time and money along the process, and have strict laws to follow. It’s reassuring for customers to know that their money is protected while they’re gambling.

Before we get into the main bets that may be placed on NFL games online, we highly recommended that you turn to a reliable source of information, such as Basketballinsiders guide on the best NFL betting sites that are available in Canada, including reviews by top experts and lots of information covering everything you need to know about the best NFL betting sites available in Canada. This will give you the opportunity to choose the best sportsbook that fits you.

How to Place Bets on NFL games online

You may wager on the NFL in a variety of different ways. There will be statistics associated with each bet, and those statistics may change in reaction to the wagering activity. To get started, let’s take a look at the three most common forms of NFL wagers: point spreads, moneylines, and totals.

 How spread betting works

An expected winning margin, or point spread, is determined by the oddsmakers of the sportsbook. When picking a team, you have the option of backing the favourite while deducting points or backing the underdog while increasing the number. In order for your wager to be successful, the team you pick must win by a margin greater than the spread.

Team Moneyline
Las Vegas Raiders +3.5 (-110)
Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 (-110)

How moneyline betting works

The moneyline wager is clear and easy to understand. You get to pick the winning team. There are negative odds for the ones the sportsbook thinks is going to win and there are positive odds for outsiders in this situation. So therefore, the higher the number, the more likely the team is to win or lose.

Team Moneyline
New England Patriots +110
Dallas Cowboy -130

How totals (OVER/UNDER) works

This has to do with a wager on how many points each team will score throughout the game. The total is a baseline number established by the oddsmakers of the sportsbook. Gamblers then determine whether or not they believe the game’s total points will be above or below that figure at the finish.

Bet Odds
Over 49.5 (-110)
Under 49.5 (-110)

Toward the end of the current NFL season, bookmakers begin publishing odds for the following week’s games to the market. The first bets are instantly placed by the public. In the event that sportsbooks see that the money is flowing in one direction, they may modify their lines and odds in order to balance things out.

This would continue to happen before the referee signals the start of the match.  While some competitions may not alter much, those with a lot of activity or change may see a lot of movement. Settlements will be dependent on the current odds at the moment you make your wagers. Many gamblers prefer to place their bets early, while others prefer to wait and observe how the game unfolds.

Wagers Placed Pros Cons
Soon after the launch In order to avoid market volatility, wager on the initial numbers given by the oddsmakers of that sportsbook. After then, the odds could change due to wagering volume and headline news.
Before the start of the game Betting is predicated on the public’s current assessment of the match, taking into account any new info that has come to light. Line changes may result in figures that you find unattractive compared to where they began.
In-game wagering is available. Make a bet based on the recent information, and the odds will be modified to reflect this. A dynamic market need on-going involvement even after the game had started.


All three of the most popular wager kinds have their own set of laws that players need to be knowledgeable when it comes to placing and settling your bets, as well as other possible situations. The following are among the most important things to remember:

  • After the start of the game, bookmakers consider all wagers placed to be active. No matter how much the odds change after a bet is placed, the book will pay victorious bets at the chances at the moment they were placed. Overtime will be accounted for in the final outcome.
  • Wagers will continue to be accepted in the case of a weather-related postponement. Wagers on postponed events will be refunded by sportsbooks that you are using (Also depends on the T&C).
  • Sportsbooks will offer a refund if a wager’s outcome falls precisely on the amount predicted in the total or spread. If the match is a draw, the moneyline will regard it as a draw.


What is the NFL?

In professional American football, the National Football League (NFL) is the top division with 32 clubs. The National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) are split evenly (AFC). From these 32 teams, 2 of them are Canadian.

Is NFL betting legal in Canada?

As long as you reach the required age, then yes, you are able to wager on the NFL games from Canada.

However, with the passing of Bill C-218 in Canada, gamblers are no longer required to place just parlay bets in order to place a wager. They may now wager on individual games on Canadian websites, which is great news for them.

How do I bet on NFL games?

These are the steps you need to take to wager on an NFL game.

  • Log in to your account by entering your username and password.
  • There is a section for NFL news and information on this website.
  • Choose a market and place a wager by clicking on “place a wager.”
  • Begin by entering the amount of money you want to stake.
  • When you’re ready, click the “put wager” button to finalise the transaction.

What are the best NFL bets?

The most popular and profitable NFL wagers include:

  • Props
  • Point spreads
  • Moneyline
  • Parlays
  • Futures

Can I bet on the NFL on mobile?

Yes, you may place NFL wagers on your iPhone or Android smartphone using a sportsbook’s wagering application or mobile website in Canada.

There is no difference between the desktop and mobile sites when it comes to NFL wagering odds, even live bets.

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