The full Corn Moon is in 2023, and is called the full “Harvester Moon.”  When should you monitor?

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In August, we can admire many interesting phenomena in the sky. On August 1 there was a full moon, also called sturgeon, then the night of shooting stars, i.e. Perseids, then the so-called blue moon that appears once every 2.5-3 years.

Recently, in September, astronomy enthusiasts noticed Starlink trains and a green comet called Nishimura in the sky, and in September there will be something to watch for again.

Where do full moon names come from?

– All the honey moons, strawberry moons, corn moons, sturgeon moons – these are some Indian sentiments. The Americans simply gave the subsequent regular full moons different and interesting names, said Professor Pawel Rudawi of the Astronomical Institute of the University of Wroclaw in an interview with

The full moon names come from the ancient customs, beliefs, and natural observations of the indigenous people of North America. sIt is associated with nature and the changes of the seasons. So:

  • In January, the full wolf moon,
  • Full snow moon in february,
  • In March, the full worm moon,
  • In April, the pink moon is full, and it is called the fish moon.
  • Full flower moon in May,
  • The full strawberry moon is in June
  • The full goat moon is in July
  • In August, the sturgeon full moon,
  • In September, the full corn or harvest moon,
  • In October, the full Hunter’s Moon,
  • full beaver moon in november,
  • Cold full moon in December.

Full Corn Moon 2023. Where did the name come from? When should you monitor?

The name of the full corn moon, called the full harvest moon, comes from the crops that are harvested at the beginning of the fall, including: corn. The moon was very bright then, allowing farmers to work at night as well.

A full corn moon will appear in the sky September 29 at 11:58But it would be better to see it at night.

How and where is the best way to observe the full moon in September?

You’ll be able to observe the full moon in September even from your balcony or window, and you won’t need any specialized equipment. Of course, a lot depends on the weather. As long as the sky is clear, we will have a beautiful scene in the sky.

It is worth noting that the tradition of observing the Harvest Moon dates back a thousand years and comes from China during the Tang Dynasty. In Japan, the Moon Festival is celebrated, and this tradition is called Tsukimi, which translates as “looking at the moon,” as the site wrote.

If you manage to take interesting photos of the “Full Moon of the Corn”, send them to the editorial office[at], and we will display it on the website Happy moon hunting!

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