Princess Kate: Medical staff under investigation for trying to access her medical records

Staff at a London clinic are reportedly under investigation in England for trying to access Princess Kate Middleton's health records.

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The Mirror reports that at least one staff member was caught red-handed trying to get hold of his doctor's notes.

Therefore, an internal investigation would have been opened by a hospital known for its discretion and numerous patients from the royal family.

“We strongly believe that all our patients, regardless of their social status, deserve complete confidentiality regarding their medical information,” the clinic pointed out in a press release, which declined to comment further on the matter.

A source quoted by the Daily Mail claims the princess was informed of the clinic's investigation.

Kate Middleton has been in the news a lot in recent months, especially because of her stomach surgery in January, very few details about her health have been released, leading to many speculations from internet users.

These came to a head when a photograph released by the royal family turned into a montage.

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