Ceny w dół. Sytuacja na rynku nieruchomości

We are talking with a sales expert, owner of Capital Invest from Andrychów – Bogusław Mokwa.

The real estate market is going through hard times, heating prices are on the rise, and the costs of building materials are still very high. It all causes trouble.

Recently, prices for large apartments in Andrychów – more than 60 square meters – have fallen. It’s all because of the macroeconomic situation we’re in. A large apartment costs more and is difficult to maintain. The demand for small apartments and studios is increasing.

What is the state of the real estate market in the region?

The market slowed down in terms of demand compared to the previous year. This is, of course, due to the fact that few people nowadays have the ability to get a loan. Interestingly, more customers are buying with cash. We’ve noticed that large single-family homes are selling out and owners are looking for something smaller and cheaper to maintain. The sale of construction plots has skyrocketed, I think as a result of inflation and clients prefer investing their savings in the land.

Recently, a lot of endless construction investment has also appeared. The owners are either waiting for a better time or they are selling it. However, I believe that the prices for building materials will stop and not go down. This is a result of higher production costs due to higher energy prices.

The market is “cleaning up” and I would say it is stabilizing. Certainly we will notice the stagnation caused by the above factors.

So far, there is still a lot of movement in our domestic market – again this is due to lack of supply, and small supply means increased demand

– says Bogusław Mokwa, owner of Capital Invest’s real estate office from Andrychów.

Today we will pay about 320,000 PLN for an apartment of 60 square meters. A year or two ago, the purchase of such a property would have reduced our portfolio by about 400,000 PLN.

On the other hand, prices for small apartments and studios in Andrychów reach 8000. PLN per square meter.

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