Fourteenth pension in November 2021. Who does not receive full entitlement - net rates [5.09.21]

In 2021 it was already “thirteen”, and now it’s time to pay the fourteenth pension, which will be transferred to the pensioner’s account in November. But not everyone will get the full benefit. It is meant to support, above all, low-income pensioners. Check if you are “harvesting” your full salary. Detailed gross and net accounts are available in the gallery.

The Fourteenth Pension Law was signed by the President of the Republic for several months. Within two months, the money as part of this benefit will go to the accounts of pensioners – You will pay in November of this year.

It is great that in this difficult time of the epidemic, we have found the money that is needed by a very important social group for us, for people who have worked all their lives, who have worked professionally and devoted themselves to the Republic of Poland – President Andrzej Duda after signing the law

How much net pensioners will get – check the accounts in the gallery

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Fourteenth pension – more than 9 million people

The amount of the fourteenth pension is a total of 1250.88 PLN (this is the lowest pension since March 1, 2021). It’s PLN 1066.24 in hand.

The payment will cover 9.1 million beneficiaries (93.76% of the total), including Approximately 7.9 million beneficiaries will receive the full amount (the amount of the minimum old-age pension), and about 1.2 million beneficiaries in a smaller amount, due to the amount of benefit received above 2900 PLN per month. The cost of the so-called fourteenth pensions is estimated at 11.4 billion PLN.

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