Prevent gas stoves.  The European Union announced the deadline

As we read, the changes will affect public buildings more quickly. These facilities are scheduled to become emissions-free by 2028. On the other hand In 2030, the same obligation will apply to all newly constructed residential buildings.

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“In the case of residential buildings, Member States will have to provide solutions that reduce average primary energy consumption by at least 16% by 2030 and by at least 20-22% by 2035.” – says the European Parliament.

“By 2030, Member States will have to renovate 16% of non-residential buildings with the worst energy performance, and by 2033 – 26% of buildings with the worst energy performance,” the European Parliament press release said.

Gas stoves have been recalled. There is an appointment

The ultimate goal is for all buildings to be fossil-free, including gas, by 2040. However, as early as 2025, Member States will no longer be able to provide subsidies for the purchase of stand-alone fossil fuel boilers. Financial support will only be available for hybrid heating systems, such as those that combine a boiler with a solar installation or heat pump.

The December agreement between the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union is an informal agreement It has not been officially approved by both institutions.

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