Premiere of “Inlaws 2” at Ladies’ Night at Cinema City!
On September 7 at 19:30, the City of Cinema invites all the ladies to watch In-Laws 2, a continuation of the Polish comedy, which will make moviegoers laugh to tears. Ladies’ Night participants will receive a welcome drink, gifts from event partners, as well as contests with attractive prizes. Tickets on sale now!
Ladies’ night is the perfect time to get out of the house from daily duties, go out somewhere with a friend or a whole bunch of girlfriends, and maybe just have fun with your sister or mom. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and it’s best to rest in the company of other gorgeous women in a comfortable cinema chair. The event consists of two parts: a competition with prizes from partners and a film screening. During ladies’ night, we laugh together, we move, we hold our breath, but most of all we have fun!

The September edition of the event will once again welcome the ladies with a welcome non-alcoholic drink, and the event partners will ensure that no one leaves the cinema empty-handed. In the main competition, women will compete, among other things: for tickets to the Suntago Water Park. On September 7 at 19:30, Cinema City will show the premiere of the Polish comedy “In-Laws 2”. Visit your nearest cinema and buy a ticket to this unique women’s event today:

“In-laws 2” – what is the movie about?

Will there be a wedding this time? Weronika and Łukasz – the would-be newlyweds from the first part decide to give each other a second chance and invite their family to a wedding and wedding in a seaside town. Among the guests are already famous heroes: Wanda and Tadeusz with their dog Merilka, as well as divorced Majorzata with Jan, ten or so years her junior, and her mother. The sea, drinks, and nude sunbathing all make the family members of the bride and groom open up more and more and shed more and more masks. “Inlaws 2” is a sequel to the well-received comedy film “Inlaws”.

On the screen we will see the stars of Polish cinema such as: Isabella Kuna, Maja Ustaszewska, Adam Voronovich, Erik Kulm and Andrzej Zielinski.

In the month of September, the event partners are brands such as: The National Bank of Paris Paribas – Bank of the Changing World, which under the slogan “We love cinema” is actively involved in promoting cinema, lotto – a popular lottery organized since 1957 by Totalizator Sportowy, producing very popular scratch cards, Old Polish woman – Natural mineral water from Uzdrowiska Kłodzkie, the only brand of water that contains different levels of mineralization, Zyaga – a cosmetic company whose products fell in love with not only Polish women, but also Asian women, Pepsi – Brand loved by drink lovers such as: Pepsi, Ice Tea, Mirinda or 7Up Suntago, the largest indoor water park in Europe, part of the Park of Polish project, which also includes the Suntago Village accommodation base and DepilConcept – the largest network of modern beauty salons in Poland specializing in hair removal, photoepilation and phototherapy.

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