m wedding stars for love.  Maurice Popiel marries an actress who also plays in the series!  It will be a secret wedding - photos

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m wedding stars for love. Maurice Popiel marries an actress who also plays in the series! It will be a secret wedding – photos

The stars of “M jak miłość” are getting married! Maurycy Popiel, or Olek Chodakowski’s on-screen series, is the husband of Aneta (Ilona Janyst), and in real life, in a few days he will marry another actress with “M jak miłość”. Notably, Morrissey Popiel has been associated with Izabela Warykiewicz for over nine years, who recently joined the cast of “M jak miłość” as Beata, Marzenka’s sister (Olga Szomańska). Fans of “M jak miłość” are not playing scenes together and there is no indication that this will change. A secret and modest wedding for Bobbel and his girlfriend will take place on Saturday, November 13, 2021. Find out the details!

Wedding of actors from “M jak miłość”, Maurycy Popiel and Izabela Warykiewicz

Maurice Popil and Isabella Warkevich in “M jak miłość” are not a couple, and their characters have nothing to do with each other, yet they will be another couple from the series! We’ve been talking about Olek’s wedding with “M jak miłość” for two years. The 31-year-old actor, to whom this role brought him immense popularity, protects his private life, does not have an Instagram account and does not speak out loud about his love for the actress whom he met in college, his six years ago. first. Almost 10 years ago, a feeling arose between Popiel and Warykiewicz, despite the significant age difference.

– We established the relationship for seven years, we met at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Krakow. It’s not true that our feeling originated on the set of “M jak miłość”. But the fact that we are an inseparable couple is absolutely true – Morrissey Bobbel said in an interview with “Tele Tygodnia” over two years ago. Because Olek’s screen from “M jak miłość” rarely shares his privacy, the portal plotek.pl learned about his wedding from close friends. If you believe this information, Popiel and Warykiewicz will marry on Saturday, November 13, 2021, in a church in Krakow.

The stars of “M jak miłość” come from Krakow, they have their families here, they met here, so they chose this city for their wedding. The party will be modest, and perhaps the guests will not be friends from the series. Apparently, Popiel and Warykiewicz only invited their closest relatives and friends to the wedding. They wanted the ceremony to be confidential and free from media hype. – Isa and Maurice care as closely as possible. Their wedding and wedding ceremony will be very intimate – plotek.pl reports, referring to the couple’s friend from “M jak miłość”.

Maurice Popiel has been playing “M jak miłość” for seven years. He married twice as Olek Chodakowski. His first wife was Magda (Anna Mucha), and the second was Anita, with whom he married in prison. Izabela Warykiewicz joined the cast of “M jak miłość” this summer. So far, her heroine Beata has appeared in only one episode. As Marzenka’s sister, she appeared in Homeland Grabina in the 1609th episode of the series, but viewers will still see her on screen in this role.

Barbara Kurdej-Satan for the last time in M ​​jak miłość. He will leave Joasia in love with Leszek and are happy in the end!

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