PGE Supervisory Board without friend Kaczyński.  It has been voted on

Changes in the Polish energy group. The Extraordinary General Assembly of PGE decided to dismiss part of the Board of Directors. She lost her job, among other things. Janina Goss, a close friend of PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

Personal changes in the structures of Poland's largest energy group. PGE's extraordinary general meeting is on Wednesday Janina Goss was expelled from the Supervisory BoardArtur Skladanek, Mieczeslaw Suarin, Tomas Habunović, and Radoslaw Winiarski. To remove them from their current positions Nearly 81 percent voted. Present.

Kaczynski's girlfriend loses her job. PGE without Janina Goss

Elbieta Nebiš, Erik Kościński, Malgorzata Banasek, Andrej Rzuniec, Sławomir Patera, Andrzej Sadkowski and Andrzej Kozyra were appointed to replace the dismissed members of the PGE Supervisory Board. More than one vote voted in favor of appointing each candidate to council membership on February 1 92 percent of votes registered at the general meeting.

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At the end of 2023, the Minister of State Property, Boris Budka, exercised the right Appointment and dismissal of one supervisory member of PGE By written declaration. Then Zbigniew Gryglas lost his position and was replaced by Michał Domagała.

The “gray eminence” of PiS loses its job. Changes to the Supervisory Board of PGE

Janina Goss is a Polish legal consultant Activist in law and justice. In private, she is close to and He is a trusted friend of PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski. She served on the supervisory boards of several companies controlled by the state treasury. At the end of 2023, she was dismissed from the Orlen Supervisory Board, announced the Minister of State Property, Boris Budka. Gus is described in narrower circles as an “outcast”. “Your Eminence Grace.”

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Since 2012, Gus has also held this position Member of the Board of Directors at Srebrna, which was scheduled to build “two towers”, luxury office buildings worth PLN 1.3 billion in the Wola district of Warsaw. Then the media sounded the alarm over recordings of the interrogation of an Austrian businessman, who told investigators how he allegedly coerced PiS chief Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Before handing over 50,000. Zloty Priest Rafael Sawich. “Without the consent of the priest Construction of the two towers could not begin In Warsaw,” it was noted.

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