Premiere of a documentary on child psychiatry: “I Don’t Feel Nothing”

Anita Bogańska from the Limanowa region, in collaboration with Oné and Janusz Schwertner, directed the documentary “Nothing to Feel” about child psychiatry in Poland.

The premiere of the documentary “I Feel Nothing” exposes the problems of child psychiatry

On Thursday (November 30) the premiere of the documentary “Nothing Feels”, directed by Anita Bogańska from Limanova and journalist Janusz Schwertner from Onet, took place.

The film deals with the reality of the Polish mental health care system for children and adolescents. The document’s authors believe that this system has been in crisis for years – it is “overpopulated, underfunded and forgotten.”

The film tells the story of four young men. Martina, Oluka, Kurdjan and Viktor were patients in Polish psychiatric hospitals when they were children. While battling the disease, they and their loved ones encountered Poland’s flawed child psychiatric system.

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The full documentary can be watched at:

Anita Bogańska about working in the film

Creating the right conditions in the film for the documentary’s young protagonists and their families, so that their trust was not violated, was one of the biggest challenges in producing “Nothing Feels,” according to Anita Bogańska.

We decided to listen to them. We tried to create the right conditions in different ways. We gave the young champions the opportunity to arrange the space the way they wanted so that they would feel comfortable there. I was afraid of that because these were long conversations, each lasting several hours, and we were afraid that they would not want to talk directly about their most difficult moments. It turns out that this is no longer a taboo topic for them, that they actually experienced it and now want to share their story – said Anita Bogańska about the behind-the-scenes of working on the film in the program “Reservation” on Onet channel.

If you are in difficulty, call this toll-free number:

  • 116 111 – Helpline for children and youth
  • 800 70 22 22 – Center for Supporting Adults in Psychological Crises
  • 800 12 12 12 – Children’s Helpline of the Children’s Ombudsman
  • 112 – Emergency phone in case there is a danger to life

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