Practical wagon for PLN 40,000.  It has a kitchen and a bathroom

The number of supporters of touring cars is systematically increasing. These vehicles give you a lot of freedom and allow you to save money while traveling.

However, it’s not always about saving. You can find luxury cars on the market that resemble four-wheeled apartments. But this time, we have something for you pragmatically. It is a practical stroller that does not require you to spend a large amount of money.

Let’s start with the fact that his body reveals practically nothing. It’s an old Mercedes Sprinter covered in white paint. In short, a regular delivery van that can be driven by construction workers, plumbers or messengers. However, appearances are deceiving, as evidenced by the reworked interior.

Practical vehicle price used Fabia

That’s right, interior. There is a fully equipped kitchen with running water. The user can also use a small sink and a gas stove. So there is no problem cooking something.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Jaco Camper

There is also a living room area that can be converted into a comfortable bedroom. There’s also space for cupboards, a fold-down desk, a swivel passenger seat, and an expandable kitchen counter.

The car’s owner, Sherif Farid, decided to convert his Sprinter himself and addressed the issue comprehensively. By using the knowledge of others, many mistakes are avoided. He improved ventilation and added additional insulation. Thanks to this, the interior maintains the temperature better.

Practical wagon for PLN 40,000
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Jaco Camper

The bathroom is rather modest, but it has a big advantage – it simply exists. Looking at the entire interior, it’s hard to call it luxurious, but it definitely offers a decent level of comfort. Not everyone is looking for marble, big TVs, or expensive sound systems. If it is to be a practical and budget-friendly campervan, it must meet economic requirements above all else.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Jaco Camper
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Jaco Camper

And here we come to these key numbers. The presented Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dates back to 2004 and has a mileage of 229,000 miles, or 366,400 kilometers. This is not a small number, but a well-maintained and properly serviced diesel engine can certainly cover twice this distance.

Farid did not reveal the amount he paid for the car, but he mentioned the total cost (purchase with conversion to a camper). It turned out that he spent only $10,000, which means exactly 43,600 Polish zlotys.

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