February 1, 2023


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Farmers want ‘agricultural fuel’

Farmers from the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Silesia again advocate the introduction of the so-called. agricultural fuel. In their opinion, this would be one of the best assistance measures for the industry.

The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Silesia referred to a draft Cabinet regulation on the rate of recovery of excise tax included in the price of diesel oil used for agricultural production per liter of oil in 2023.

The local government in Lower Silesia is of the opinion that the above rate should not be less than PLN 1.50 per liter of diesel, and justifies its assessment with higher fuel prices and predictions that the situation will be more dynamic.

– The DIR Board of Directors asked the competent authorities to apply to the competent authorities to take all administrative and legal measures that would reduce fuel costs for farmers – wrote in mid-December of this year. To the Board of Directors of KRIR Ryszard Borys, Chairman of the DIR.

Here is another such letter from the agrarian autonomy of Lower Silesia:

This time – as Ryszard Burris assures – is widely known The situation on the fuel marketespecially the large price increase in the past year, but also in previous years, leads to a significant increase in labor costs for the farmer, which leads to the economic unprofitability of operating a farm without increasing the price of agricultural products sold, And other products produced on the farm.

Another effect of the phenomenon described above may be an increase in food prices. Efforts made so far to alleviate the condition of consumers have not had positive effects on farmers – thought Richard Boris.

According to the head of the Department of External Relations, VAT reduction is not suitable for the agricultural environment, farmers are entitled to a refund according to the regulations.

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In view of the above facts, The DIR board is asking for steps to be taken to lower fuel costs for agricultural producers. The best solution is to introduce the so-called “agrifuels”. – indicates the head of the agricultural self-government of Lower Silesia in the letter.

According to Ryszard Borys, the proposed solution will be the simplest of the proposed solutions, and will reduce unnecessary bureaucracy, thus simplifying the procurement and settlement process.

– In view of the fact that a number of amendments to the regulations that protect companies from the negative effects of the global economic situation, commonly referred to as protective and anti-inflationary shields, have already been passed, in the opinion of the DIR Board of Directors, it is reasonable to direct this type of aid – such as the introduction of “Agrifuel” – also to agricultural farms – thinks Ryszard Borris, head of the Chamber of Agriculture of Lower Silesia.


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