April 1, 2023


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PPK after 3 years. Subsidies and doubling of funds as part of a proven investment strategy

The only thing worth doing is to remember what the head of the political finance watchdog Karpacz said to a younger participant in the investor forum, quoting him: “You have a socialist mentality.” We will remember him until the end of our days. In this case, it is worth doing what the fifth column of the Law and Justice Code of the Government PO / PSL said: “You have a lot of capital – you will manage if we terminate the employment contract.” It is worth going to the elections and terminating the employment contract with the head of the Political Finance Monitoring Board, who for his long life, while holding a government post, has received more than PLN 20 million over at least 20 years. For a fee and for at least 25 years he has created, fixed and changed systemic financial pyramid schemes such as OFE and PPK, until nothing changes. The Chairman of the Political Finance Watch understands that OFE and PPK are not voluntary funds. In either case, we are dealing with a “voluntary” (automatic subscription) coercion of participants to hand over these funds to the managers of these assets. The chair of the political finance watchdog represents the private interests of the fund managers, and the participants – the public – are donors of capital. OFE and PPK participants do not have the ability to control spending and account for the effects of these fund managers. The liquidation of open-ended pension funds was not done on purpose, because all the parties involved knew very well what the consequences of such a decision would be for the financial market and for them personally. The drip loss in the form of loss of cash donors is considered as loss of capital for the managers. I am convinced of this from the amount of PLN 20 million. Which the head of the Polish Development Fund (PFR) got paid for, set aside and invested, has at least PLN 20 million private pension capital (similar to Prime Minister Morawiecki) and will “cope” after losing trough +. If not, it means that it is economically orphaned and can only use Trough + – positions paid for with taxpayer money – Kasa +. We are not interested in junk in the form of subsidies from entrepreneurs, and from the budget – community taxes, teaching public cunning, fraud and theft in the light of the applicable law. Madoffs are not interested in creating conditions and environment for Polish business. We are interested in creating stable and simple economic and financial conditions, including tax conditions, in which talented and creative investors, for whom Buffett is an authority, will spread their wings.

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