June 2, 2023


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A journey through the senses.  Discover the benefits of Skoda with all your senses.

A journey through the senses. Discover the benefits of Skoda with all your senses.

Until a few years ago, they were at best a well-known whim of high-end model cars, yesterday they were considered promising cars, but using technology that required refinement, while today – their weaknesses are difficult to find. Electric cars are comfortable, environmentally friendly, offer low driving costs, very good performance, and even the cheapest models guarantee a range that allows for several days of city driving without recharging the batteries.

In the automotive world, it is difficult to find a single model that has most of the advantages known in the automotive industry, but in the case of electric cars it is possible – just look at the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, a family SUV with innovative driving, which It can share many advantages, modern cars. Certainly, in the case of models equipped with such an engine, we are talking about technological solutions in the field of high-tech, but let’s start with more realistic features – the ENYAQ iV is, above all, a very practical family camel.

ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, so it is comfortable and space for the family

Anyone who will be able to take a seat in the electric Skoda will be surprised that it is not the largest model in the range of Czech manufacturers. At least when it comes to external dimensions, the ENYAQA iV’s 4.6-meter-high chassis is smaller than the KODIAQA internal combustion device. Despite this, the driver and passengers have the same amount of space inside. This is due to the completely new design, typical of models with an electric drive, the advantages of which cannot be overestimated.

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From the start – electric cars are made differently from internal combustion cars. No big engine with lots of accessories, exhaust system, fan shaft or irregularly shaped fuel tank, components that take up a lot of space. Instead, a set of lithium-ion batteries are flat and set in the floor. The large drivetrain is replaced by a compact electric motor installed on the rear axle, which is made possible thanks to its small size. The second engine can be placed in front (and then the car with all-wheel drive), so the offer includes several versions, differing in the number and power of the engines, the size of the battery pack and rear or all-wheel drive parts. This gives the driver the option to configure his own version.

The optional Full LED taillights feature a crystal-lit surface which, like the dynamic turn signals, is part of the animated “Coming/Leaving Home” function.

The ENYAQ iV measures 4,649 mm in length, 1,879 mm in width and 1,616 mm in height. The wheelbase of 2765 mm and the absence of a central tunnel ensure extraordinary spaciousness.

Powerful wheels from 18 to 21 inches give the ENYAQ iV a unique character and underline its off-road character.

Skoda lettering is located in the center of the tailgate, along with a matte black roof spoiler and a rear bumper with a gray diffuser. A sliding panoramic sunroof is available as an option.

Most importantly, such a structure and placement of components allow for a completely flat floor, without a central tunnel that takes up space for the front and rear seats, as well as shortening the front of the car and lengthening the passenger compartment; The rear engine does not take up more space than the differential or the exhaust, so the floor of the trunk is also placed lower, and the trunk provides a large capacity – in the case of the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV we are talking about 585 liters and 1710 liters with the backrests folded. In today’s auto industry, electric cars are the paradigm in terms of their practical features.

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ŠKODA ENYAQ iV – Air sculpted body

The appearance of the new Skoda model is determined by three main features. First, the car had to comply with the so-called stylistic language of the brand. It was done flawlessly – you can see from a distance that it is a car from a Czech factory. Secondly – the appearance of the car is influenced by the use of an electric car floorboard, because it gives the silhouette a short front end, a small body protrusion and a very long wheelbase. And so we come to the third feature, which is the aerodynamic properties. This is a physics department that has not been used much in cars of famous brands until now, but the struggle to reduce fuel and energy consumption has pushed engineers in this direction, and the results turned out to be amazing.

Thanks to the painstaking work related to airflow simulation, it was possible to tune the ENYAQA iV body in such a way that it offers surprisingly low resistance and is characterized by a very low coefficient – Cx = 0.27, which is one of the best results among SUVs. The use of an integrated radiator grille, air curtains, active curtains, side deflectors, a roof spoiler on the trunk lid or integrated wheel rims allows to reduce driving noise and reduce energy consumption, and thus directly – also increase the vehicle’s range.

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Using these three variants, a modern and practical electric SUV chassis was created, but most importantly, the designers of the brand did not allow the ENYAQ iV to be just a product of technical and aerodynamic improvement. The designers were given the task of designing a car that presents itself in a modern and dynamic way, thanks to its sharp bodywork, large wheels, an optically sloping roofline, but also some designer flavour. Goes, among others o crystal face, ie the front of the car is finished with a transparent material reminiscent of Czech crystal glass that emphasizes the modern character and reminds of the origin of this model. Most importantly, this variant of the radiator grille … is illuminated, which further enhances the impression of the Skoda ENYAQ iV.