Pound Sterling.  A rare and amazing phenomenon appeared in the sky.  What is a rotating cloud?  The meteorologist explains

the watchers stormsExactly a member of the Observer Network Reporting System storms (NGO dealing with research, monitoring and warning of hazardous weather phenomena) Captured sky Rotating clouds formed near the lodge. Meteorologist Jaroslaw Torah is the author of the blog “Sorry. This is our climate”, this is weather Under the window of the Yaroslav Torah, he explained to us that such clouds form in the sky very rarely and also quickly fade, which is why the photo of this phenomenon caused such a stir on the Web.

The lodge. Roller cloud in the sky. How is it formed?

– This is condensation rising warm air. It is pulled from above the ground and then reaches a layer that does not allow it to pass through. This creates a cylindrical cloud. Continue until this heat stops building up. And then it will disappear – explains his knock.

And the meteorologist stresses that it is normal for such a formation ZipperBecause the troposphere is made up of layers. She adds that the rotating cloud is not associated with any storm system. It is just the effect of a cold mass of air flowing over its warmer layer. Therefore, such a cloud does not portend a deterioration in weather conditions or the emergence, for example, of strong weather winds or permanent vortexes. It only has landscape values.

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roller cloud. What does that mean in heaven?

The rotating cloud has nothing to do with any air front. If it is completely cloudy, it may appear to be connected to one of the clouds. Nothing could be more wrong. It is hanging under it. The meteorologist tells us that it stays at the right level until the heat goes out.

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When you spot a spinning cloud in the sky, it’s worth taking a closer look at it. Such a sight in the sky is extremely rare.

Rotating clouds are not common and dissolve quickly. It seems very rare. There must be suitable conditions in the troposphere, suitable Humidityequal temperature The air must be at an appropriate height temperature Jarosław Turała explains.

Watch the video
look at the sky. Do you know what clouds you see?

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