They sprayed dangerous bacteria on the London Underground.  Churchill just applauded

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While searching the archives, historian Ulf Schmidt discovered that British warplanes dropped thousands of kilograms of a chemical with a “largely unknown toxic potential” on civilians around Salisbury. Only in the years 1953-1964, approximately 5 tons of zinc and cadmium sulfide, now considered carcinogenic, were dropped on the population.

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Dangerous as the London Underground

The academic investigation revealed that London Underground passengers were also used as guinea pigs. In May 1964, military microbiologists examined the spread of bacteria on passengers.

For this purpose, they released strains of bacteria into the subway and its ventilation Bacillus globigii (Responsible for food poisoning, eye infections and sepsis). The researchers wanted to determine which route germs would spread the fastest.

The British in Scotland experienced the plague

As the researcher found, in the 1950s the British also conducted tests on plague germs off the coast of Scotland. More specifically, it was the Isle of Lewis, inhabited by several thousand people. All it would take is for the wind to change direction and residents would have a problem.

During these tests, an accident occurred when unaware local fishermen sailed into a cloud of dangerous bacteria. Nothing happened to them, but Winston Churchill knew about the affair. Although the experiments were conducted with his knowledge and consent, fearing scandal, he transferred them to foreign British colonies.

Tests in America and Africa

In the Bahamas, researchers released and tested how the Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus replicates. The British went even further in Nigeria, where four research expeditions were sent from London within 15 months. They examined the effects of using large doses of combat gases. However, there is no information about who was affected in these experiments.

Source: “Independent”

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