January 31, 2023


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Asteroida wielkości ciężarówki pędzi w kierunku Ziemi. NASA podało potencjalną datę zderzenia

A truck-sized asteroid hurtling toward Earth. NASA announced the likely date of the collision

An asteroid hurtling towards Earth. NASA has revealed the estimated probability of an impact on our planet and the date in which it could occur

More than 17,000 asteroids have been observed near Earth, including more than 1,800 potentially dangerous ones. Another Earth Collision So with something like this, it’s only a matter of time. Only in 2019, NASA recorded 31 asteroidsThat crossed our planet less than the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Asteroid hurtling towards Earth

As determined by NASA, Asteroid 2009 JF1 hurtling towards Earth. The agency also gave the exact date and estimated probability of hitting our planet.

NASA tracks the object through the “Sentry” program. It is a new system designed to monitor near-Earth asteroids. It was launched by NASA last year. Aside from 2009, the JF1 system uses measurements from various telescopes to determine the paths of cosmic rocks near Earth.

Is there something threatening us?

2009 JF1 Moves Fast 23.92 km/s. Based on the measurements, the scientists concluded that the asteroid is “potentially dangerous.” The chance of collision is 1 in 140,000. According to NASA, it is the fifth most dangerous asteroid in terms of size, distance and speed of approach to Earth.

According to the agency 2009 JF1 may hit Earth on May 6 this year at 8:34 am CET.

There is no doubt that any A larger asteroid collision with Earth could have ended tragically. However, the extent of the tragedy depends on many factors. The probability of an asteroid hitting a sea or ocean is, of course, statistically greater than the probability of an asteroid hitting a sea or ocean, at more than 70 percent. Earth’s surface is water.

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