Samsung Galaxy Note disappears from stores.  Is it worth it in 2021?

Is it worth buying a Samsung Galaxy Note in 2021? Production of these smartphones will cease at the end of the year. I checked where it pays off.

That’s the end, we can go – if we want to go to the store to buy a Galaxy Note. If you are still thinking of buying one of the smartphones from this premium family, your time is running out. Samsung Galaxy Note It will disappear from production and you will not find new copies in stores. On this occasion, I checked if it was still worth buying from somewhere.

For starters, a time pill. A rumor straight from Korea says that Samsung is shutting down the production lines that fan-loved Note smartphones have been built on over the years. We have nothing to stop us from believing, as rumors have been circulating about her for months. The last nail in the coffin is still Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra z S Pen at home.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra / fot.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2021?

Moving on to Part Two – does it make sense to be interested in one of the older Galaxy Note devices in 2021? Of course it is – because of a lot Extended update policy These are long-lived models. Which one is worth buying?

We start from Samsunga Galaxy Note 10 Litebecause of its price. Unfortunately, the store in Polish stores is ugly, because now the cost of a smartphone Approximately 2,400 PLN. That’s a ridiculous amount definitely not worth it. However, if you saw it somewhere for about 1,500 PLN, then this is a model worth considering. Where to look for used items in perfect condition, maybe an Amazon offer.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite / Ft.

The second option is the “whole-grain” flagship of the same family, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+. Unfortunately, the situation is similar here – in fact, none of the large electronics stores display it in their warehouses anymore. Prices are very expensive Not less than 2,650 PLN For the younger model I 3900 for greater It’s daylight theft.

Where do you look for them? Of course, among the used copies in good condition. I managed to find them for 1,600 PLN and 2,000 PLN – for the smaller and larger note, respectively. Apparently, there’s a lot more to the flagship, which is just over two years old, but it’s still better than Samsung’s mid-range phones from 2021. It’s a choice worth considering.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / fot.

In the end, we are left with the latest generation of the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Here is a little better with availability, sometimes there are good promotions. It does not change the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 It costs 4000 PLNAnd you have to pay for the Ultra . variant 800 zlotys more. Of course – not worth it.

It’s a little better in the Polish Amazon, where there is a smaller flagship I found it for 3500 PLN. However, all of this pales in comparison to the used prices. I found these in perfect condition and under warranty for PLN 2,200 and PLN 3,000-3200 – for the Basic and Ultra variants, respectively. This is a completely different conversation and phones worth considering.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra / fot.

In conclusion – is it worth buying a Galaxy Note at the end of 2021? In short – not in stores. Prices are higher and availability is hopeless. Before buying, it is worth checking whether the model will continue to be updated – the latest news on this topic can be found below.

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