The Ukrainians have a plan.  They want to destroy Putin's beloved toy

Ukrainian intelligence officials say they will destroy the Kerch Bridge by mid-JulyWho is the apple of Vladimir Putin's eye. Ukraine will be able to do this thanks to Storm Shadow missiles provided to it by Great Britain, naval drones, and F-16 aircraft. This is the opinion of a weapons expert in an interview with “The Sun.”

For Putin, the Kerch Bridge is an obvious symbol His clear victory and the “return” of Crimea to its rightful owner. After its completion, Putin praised it as a “miracle.” For Ukraine, this is one of the first goals, an expression of the 10-year-long Russian occupation. For Vladimir Putin, it is a symbol of his success in the region.

Its destruction is of great importance to Ukrainians. This would be a step toward gaining an advantage in the war on the Black Sea by cutting off Russia's main military supply route and strangling Putin's war machine.

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Brian Clark is a senior research fellow at the Hudson Institute The director of the Center for Defense Concepts and Technology believes that Ukraine is capable of destroying the bridge. He stressed, however, that to achieve this, it is necessary to provide Ukrainian fighters with weapons.

Clark is convinced that Ukraine is capable of destroying this “most defensible bridge in the world.” In his opinion, this is possible by launching a “multi-pronged attack” from the air and sea.

Clark, an expert in naval operations and electronic warfare. It expects Storm Shadow missiles to be used to destroy its hulls, as well as unmanned boats. Then the invading forces will be cut off from supplies and contact with Russia, and the aggressor will have a very big problem.

Ukraine has so far carried out two attacks on the Kerch Bridge. Each time, the Russian side repairs the damage and returns it to service. Ukraine is seizing the opportunity to ruin Vladimir Putin's game and embarrass the Russians. First, it weakened its fleet in the Black Sea, and now it intends to deal a severe blow to its enemies.

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